Apartheid In South Africa

By: Mandy Gunther and Dan Long


The Apartheid is the ideology of the segregation of the black community in South Africa. The Apartheid was enforced to keep the white government in control of South Africa. During the height of WWII African Blacks were given the jobs that normally were reserved for the whites. In 1952 ANC-South African Indian Congress launched the passive resistance campaign. This lead to the arrests of nearly 8.000 people. In the 1970's many student organizations attempted to bring Apartheid to and end. By the early 1990's The Apartheid was no longer practiced and most laws were repealed.


The Government in South Africa was corrupt and racist. During The Apartheid, The South African Government was run by Afrikaner Men. The government in South Africa made laws that restricted the rights of the blacks. These laws controlled the black education system land ownership and the very jobs a black person cold perform. The rights of a black individual were limited and the worst discrimination happened in the black communities.



During Apartheid there were many restrictions on economic growth. Many black people couldn't get jobs despite attempts. The lack of jobs only made the economic situation of the South African Black community worse. Laws would keep the black at an economic disadvantage and keep the white superior.


Apartheid lead to many social dilemmas in South Africa. In 1950 the South African government passed the Population Registration Act. This labeled Africans as either white, coloured, or Asian. This made room for social classes in South Africa. In 1960 blacks protested the racial pass laws (requiring all blacks to carry passbooks that were used to control their employment and free movement). Police fired into a crowd of 20.000 people. They injured 186 people and killed 69, Most people were shot in the back. This massacre known as The Sharpeville massacre truly showed the tyranny of the South African Government under Apartheid.


The Apartheid kept South Africa under the white government's control. The Apartheid was a system of segregation of the black community in South Africa. Apartheid was in forced in all aspects of life from living condition and schools to jobs and marriage.

South Africa today

The Apartheid has ended in South Africa today. Parliament repealed Apartheid laws and in 1992 white South Africans voted to end Apartheid completely.