North VS South

The Great American Civil War

Presidents of The North and South

North's Presdient: North's Presdient was Abraham Lincoln

South's Presdient: South's president was Jefferson Davis

Military Leaders

North's Military Leader: North's military leader was Ulysses S. Grant. He had the leadership of Abe Lincoln. There was industrial power, Military power, Greater wealth, and controled shipping.

South's Military Leader: South's Military Leader was Robert E. Lee. They had a strong military tradition, Strong motivation, Skilled with guns and horses. There cotton could be traded for weapons. They fought on home ground.

Causes Of The Civil War

Economic Differences $$$

Sothern view-

With Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin in 1793, cotton became very profitable. This machine was able to reduce the time it took to separate seeds from the cotton. The Sothern economy became a one crop economy, depending on cotton and therefore on slavery.

Northern view-

The northern economy was based more on industry than agriculture. In fact, the northern industries were purchasing the raw cotton and turning it into finished goods. This disparity between the two set ups a major difference in economic attitudes.

The South was based on the plantation system while the northwas focused on city life.

States vs. Federal Rights

South: South was for States' Rights

North: North was for Federal Rights


Most Northerners didn't like slavery. They felt that it was immoral. Others did not want to have to compete for wages against unpaid slaves.

In the South, people feared that the loss of slavery would bankrupt the South. They had a economic dependency on it.


North wanted higher taxes on foreign goods, they also made their own goods.

South wanted lower taxes on foreign goods, they bought goods oversea instead from the North. It was cheaper to buy goods by sea.

Cultural Differences

North worked in industries, and they were more educated

South were farmers, and were less educated.

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Advantages/Disadvantages That The North and South had

North's Advantages: North's Advantages was they had larger Population, and had factories and were wealthier

North's Disadvantages: North's Disadvantages were their soldiers were not well trained, and they didn't fight on their own land.

South's Advantages: South's Advantages were they got to fight on their own territory, and had
Better generals

South's Disadvantages: South's Disadvantages were they had a smaller population, and had
no factories, and their Economy relied on North

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General Information about the North and South

North's population

North's population was 22 million people

North's Army

They had 2.1 million soldiers in their army. 180 blacks fought, and 130,00 came from slave states

North's President

North's Presdient was Abraham Lincoln

North's Military leader

North's Military leader was Ulysses S. Grant

South's Population

South's Population was 9 million people, and 3.5 million slaves

South's Army

They had 600,000-1.5 million people in their army

South's President

South's President was Jefferson Davis

South's Military Leader

South's Military Leader was Robert E. Lee