Outsiders Soundtrack

Evan Period 2

Outsiders By: S. E. Hinton

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1. Three Days Grace- Never Too Late

Some lyrics were "the world we knew won't come back" and "the life had won't be ours again".This song is related to the Outsiders because when Johnny and Ponyboy killed Bob they had to live in the church so they don't get caught and they knew if they got caught Johnny would get the electric chair. They thought they were going to live in the church forever, but they saved the kids from the fire and they were considered heroes and their lives were changed. (Chapter 4-6 Hinton)

2. Eminem-Survival

Some lyrics were "this is survival of the fittest" and "cause I'm a fight 'til I die or win" This song is related to The Outsiders because during rumble if the Greasers were not fit they would have not won. Also some people could have died in that rumble and the Greasers would have fought until they won. (Chapter 9 Hinton)

3. Randy Newman-You've Got a Friend in Me

Some lyrics were "there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you". This song is related to The Outsider because when Dally robbed a grocery store and the cops were after him the Greasers still went to the vacant lot to try to help him even though they were hurt from fighting the Socs. (Chapter 10 Hinton)

4. Avenged Sevenfold-Gunslinger

Some lyrics were "after all this time I'm coming home to you. This song relates to The Outsiders because when ran away he finally came home after he saved the children from the fire. (Chapter 8 Hinton)

5. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa-Young, Wild and Free

Some lyrics are "So what we get drunk, So what we don't sleep, We’re just having fun We don’t care who sees" This song relates to the story because when the Socs jumped Johnny and Ponboy they were drunk and it was late. (Chapter 4 Hinton)