All About Me

A Glimps inside my life

A Little Introduction

My name is Jazmine wellington I am 16 years old, I was born March 30th 2000. I have 4 brothers and 1 sister their names are Malayka, Markus, Quincy, Noah, and Cameron. My interests are art, dance cooking hair and makeup. I like hanging out with my friends and going to the mall. I currently have a job which I plan to make a lot of money from now and in the summer. Not many people know this but I am a pretty spiritual person I am very interested in my faith and which I haven’t always been. I love personal fitness and anything that has to do with self-improvement mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.

My Favourite Things

my favorite things are my art, my spirituality, my doing my hair and makeup.

I like my spirituality because it is and very important and big part of my life. I have been through a lot when it comes to being spiritual, at one point I wasn’t even sure what I believed in. I have been through a real struggle but since the beginning of this year I am starting to get back on track and I feel better and closer than ever. Have to feel like this have really made me have a new appreciation for it and it is one of my favorite things.

My art is one of my favorite things because I believe it’s a real expression of my life. With art I believe that a picture really does paint a thousand words, or a sculpture or drawing or painting. No matter what form of art it is, I am very interested in seeing it and creating my own. It really allows me to express how I am feeling about things that words just can’t explain.

Doing my hair and makeup is one of my favorite things to do because I see it as kind of another form of art. I like seeing what I can create with a hair bush and some clips, or seeing what I can create with a makeup kit. I started taking an interest in doing my hair and other peoples hair in the 8th grade and started wear makeup in the 9th grade and now it’s one of the things that I love to try out and experiment with. The link below is to the channel of one of my favorite makeup and hair YouTuber.

Consultant Leader

I think that I am a consultant type of leader because being a in a big family when it comes to tasks like cleaning up the house or deciding what we should do for our days off or vacations so collectively as a group me and my siblings decide how we want thing then we talk with my mom or dad about it. so when things get out of control I usually have to work to get everyone on task.

my influences

My main influences are my older brothers. my older brothers are my main influences because my mom and dad separated my mom would be working and my oldest sister who is my only sister would be doing other things with her friends, so me and my brothers are always together no matter what I always have one of my brothers with me so the same outlooks and characteristics that they have, I also developed.My character has definitely been shape by a lot of external factors for example, I’ve had to move a lot recently so me going to different schools really taught me how to be more social and interactive with other people. In this collage I made is of my siblings when they were younger

My Role Model

My role model is my mom. She has been my role model since I have been born. she is a very impulsive person and she doesn't always overthink things or make decisions that are fully thought out to the very last point, but she has amazing and creative ideas. she is smart enough to be independent person but wise enough to know that sometimes even she needs help, so seeing her handle situations all these years has really allowed me to see and appreciate her even more than I did before. when every I have issues, need a laugh or want to just talk about the world and look for a different perspective, I turn to my mom because our conversations are always very deep and intellectually strengthening.

My Future

In terms of my future I don’t really know what I want to do with my life in terms of having a career goal, but I do know that I want to work with art in some form because I like having the freedom of creating what I want that people will actually like it. But if not art then I would want to be a philosopher or a psychologist because I’m intrigued by the brain and how the mind works, why things work the way they do, and it interests me to find out how us as humans comprehend things and find out why our minds do the things they do.

Family symbols

interest test: translator

the interest type that i got was a translator. a translator is someone who uses their ability to communicate things well to help other people understand a though or expression. i agree with this interest because i like doing activities like puzzles and riddles and things that you would need to use your and imagination and put thought into to figure out the answer. for a translator it says they also have a strong bias for independence and for me it is completely true because when i am by myself with no one to distract me, it is easy for me to want to work on something and be very focused on it to do a good job. i like to work on my own because i work well on my own.

knowledge test: social science

social science was chosen to be my top subject 100%. i had never really thought about social science because i didn't really know what it consisted of, like what you would be learning about, but in the description it basically says that social science is the study of how the society you live in works and how other societies work as well. i think that its seems pretty interesting to study that type of thing because i am always interested in how things work and why we do the things the way we do them.

Motivations: Achievement

i think that this test is very accurate because my life is very based upon achievement. i always feel like i need to be doing something, i never really partial jobs on things that am interested or invested in. i always want to find something to do with my talents and show how i have worked to improve them or complete a task. no matter if it doing all of my school work in one sitting or finishing my chores, i like the satisfaction of know that i have completed something even if its a small victory like figuring out a answer that i thought i wouldn't get on my own.

Learning style: visual

I don't think that a visual learner is my learning style because it doesn't help when i visualize what i am doing and imagining things in my head. But the best way i find learning things is to do them hands on a physically because it helps me understand the trial and error of it. It also says that I am an auditory learner which means that i understand things best by listening to them but i think that is true to a degree. a and all I think that i am a good mix of all three of these learning styles.

personality: ENFP

ENFP is Extroverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, Perceiving I think that that is a true description of me because I am always questioning things about the world and why they work the way they do. I am also a very independent person, I don't really like asking for help with things I know I am able to figure out myself. though I am an independent person I that is just how I like to work because I am more efficient that way, at timed I also like the company of others, I like meeting new friends and going on adventurers with them.

true colours: Green and Orange

I agree with this assessment because my colours are green and orange and which is curiosity and adventure. I am always interested in learning new things when they apply to my life. I am self-motivated and logically examine a situation before I go into it. I liked to at least try to be one of the smarted people in the room but I’m realistic to know that I’m probably not. I like questioning and thinking about everything that comes my way. I believe that I am a green coloured person at heart because everything that defines the green section intrigues me.

I like to take risks and be adventurous. I like to go where the wind blows me and respond to stations the best I could. I like being competitive especially when I looks like I can win. I always like it when something’s happening out of the ordinary because normal I kind of boring to me. I mostly just like to be in real life situations and see if I can figure my way or of them .

multiple intelligence: Existential and Intrapersonal

My MI’s ranked highest in Existential and Intrapersonal. Then visual strength, verbal strength, then musical and Kinesthetic strength, than interpersonal strength, logical strength, then naturalist strength. The results surprised me because I expected to be more logically strong I also didn't expect to be so verbally strong because I don't talk that much. I don't really know what Existential means so I don't know if I’m surprised to be very strong in it. I am very self-aware, so I think that Intrapersonal is very accurate. My whole family and I are very strong musically so I was pretty surprised that musical strength wasn't at the top of the list. I am the type of person to observe a situation before I go into it so I think that visual strength is also something that I expected to be at the top.

Know now what MI I’m strongest in I think that can use this to broaden my idea and what I look for when wanting to understand a question. I can use having Intrapersonal strength to know what is affecting my ability to reason and knowing how I feel will help me with what making this harder or easier for me to learn.