Gun Rights

By Mary McDaniel

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Guns are Used More for Protection than Violence

It has been proven that guns are used 16 to 100 times more frequently as a means of self defense than for violence (Pratt). According to the NRA, guns are used for self defense 2.5 million times a year (Lott). If we denied Americans the right to these weapons we are denying them the right to protect themselves.

Gun Control Keeps Guns Away from Good Guys not Bad Guys

If someone has the intentions of doing harm with a gun I do not think they will care about breaking a few rules to obtain a weapon. Laws preventing people from getting guns will only affect the law abiding citizens who had intentions of going through the whole legal process of getting a weapon. John R. Lott stated 37.4% of prisoners who had a firearm on them while committing their crime had obtained there weapon from a friend or family member. This shows that the laws are not going to help, if someone wants to do harm, they will find a way to get around the rules.
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Give More Eductaion Not More Laws

A responsible and well educated gun owner is almost never involved in a problem involving guns. The problem is not that there are not enough laws, it is the fact that even if more laws were in tact, they will not be followed if the right precautions are not taken. Kyle Winterson stated "Students taught about firearms and their uses have much lower rates of delinquency than in households without guns (Winterson).
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