A Second Look

Mrs. Taylor's Weekly Newsletter

Happy Monday


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Mrs. Taylor

Learning Topics

Weekly skills


Monday: Plus One Story Problems

Tuesday: Assessment on dice and domino ten frame

Wednesday: Review of Hundreds chart and story problem 10's frame

Thursday: Review combinations of 10 and 10's frame problems

Friday: Review games: domino parking lot, fishing for 10s, memory of 10s etc.

Social Studies:

Apples and Johnny Appleseed


Read to Self

Read to Partner

Word Work


Writing: sticker stories and squiggle writing

Phonics Skill

final blends (st, nd, nk)


Next week will incorporate the Daily 5 of word work, listening, writing, read to self, and read to partner into Guided Reading. While the kids are doing the Daily 5 I will be teaching them how to read in small groups. Ask them what level they are on.