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August 25, 1877

My take on industrial reviloution

Today we will be telling you about your past to now, this is about the industrial revolution. In the 1700's our people were just working on clothing and food just basically what they needed. But then people started to make extra and sold that to other merchants and sales men. Then machines were starting to be added into business about 50 years later. This caused supply in demand, people were thinking "since it is easier to make these products, then they should make it quicker and it will be better". Then soon they started using more efficient machines, this led to industrial revolution. In this revolution the most impacted product was clothing. Britain was the most productive industry.

The textile industry is the making of products made out of cloth, recently Britain has taken over and led in this industry. After making these machines a fellow of mine had said "these amazing machines allow me to produce clothing quickly and even inexpensively." A man named Samuel Slater escaped from Britain and claimed that he can "improve" the way clothing is manufactured in the United States! His machine ended up working and now as you can see we are moving along swiftly. A man soon came named Eli Whitney, he introduced an idea. The idea was mass production. Mass production is when you can make many things at once. This impacted the government very positively.

In conclusion these two men impacted this revolution very positively.

How did the machines change Americans jobs?

The spread of mills changed our lives by limiting the farm fields and adding more machine buildings. But the mill workers had trouble finding employees, because other jobs were available. Soon Slater (a mill owner) started to attract people to his mill by building housing for the workers. His strategy of hiring family's and dividing factory work into simple tasks was known as the "Rhode Island System". But some people didn't follow this system. Women weren't expected to do factory tasks. The Lowell system is based on water powered textile mills that hires unmarried young women from nearby farms. The women use a loom that can spin thread and weave cloth. The women have to pull their hair back so it wouldn't get caught in the machines.

Our bosses started to pay less, and made working conditions harder. How the workers responded was making groups that try to improve pay and working conditions, these were called trade unions. To go along with this, many people wanted labor reforms. Many people were working at least 10 hours per day, and they wanted to change that but the bosses wouldn't budge.

How did the new transportation change our country?

There has been a rapid growth in transportation. This was good because the united states could trade easier, and cheaper. This caused them to make more money. Steam boats were invented in the late 1700's, yet they haven't used them as much as now. Robert Fulton was the one who tested the first steamboat, a few years later he made the first commercial steamboat called the Clermont. The steamboat was tested and was able to make it up the Hudson river! This is very helpful because we used to go down the river then walk all the way back up! The other great thing for transportation is railroads. About 50 years ago (1830) Peter Cooper built a small, powerful locomotive called Tom Thumb. As more railroads were built engineers were faced with lots of challenges, Britain didn't make railroads that America needed. They made railroads that went straight and we need railroads that curve and can go up mountains. Riding trains was an "adventure" because it was very dangerous. But many people were willing to take the risk.

Transportation affected the Americans very positively.

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How does the advance of technology change the daily life and work?

We have gotten lots of new technology recently and perfected the telegraph (a device that can send messages over long distances). Another helpful invention is steam power this allows us to build our factories wherever we want unlike the water powered factories that had to be built by streams. A invention made about 30 years ago was helps with cutting wheat, and corn producing more than 970 million bushels all together every year. There were new industrial inventions that made life at home easier. The machine that our women were most fond of is the sewing machine (invented first by Elias Howe). Another helpful invention was iceboxes, this was used as a refrigerator.

Why is this Information Important?

You should learn about your new inventions and who is important in your community.

Sources: United States history

By: Riley M. Polkowski