News From First Grade

A look back at this first week of December!


This week we explored counting bags! Students practiced thinking about how grouping items can help us count efficiently and accurately. We practiced grouping and counting by 5's and 10's, noticing that when counting a collection of items that we have to be flexible with our thinking. We noticed that when we have left over items after grouping them, our counting changes.

Here are links to partnerships and their counting using an app called educreations:

Colin and Noah

June and Saray

Jin and Cameron

David and Yazhini

Melanie and Karin

Morgan and Tomoyasu

Akari and Prithviram

Ady and Haasya

Brody and Catelyn

Bella and Minha

Sofia and Gavin


This week, students have been thinking about who is telling the story as we thought together in stories like I'm a Frog, Dinosaur Vs. Bedtime and You Will Be My Friend! They noticed that Elephant and Piggie tell their own stories. And, when we listened to You will Be My Friend we learned about how a narrator tells the story. Thinking about who is telling the story helps us build awareness for how we can use story teller and character voices in our reading. You can think about these ideas in the stories you read together at home!


In Science, we explored the idea of change. This will help us before we talk more about changes in matter. We started simple by thinking about how we could changes items. Students viewed pictures of, steel beam on buildings, a wooden rocking horse, rubber ducks and paper. The discussion was great and we moved from talking about changing the way the items look to changing them entirely. Then we changed paper. Students learned how to fold a square piece paper in half (we learned half was 2 equal parts). They learned that when folding a square in half they could create shapes like rectangles and triangles. They then cut the square on the folds and thought about all the different ways they could put the pieces back together. Students shared many clever ways! Last ,they used their new paper shapes to create something and write about it.