Hanes Shirts

This is how they are made

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Materials You Need

The materials in which go into the shirt consist of cotton, polyester, and rayon. Also in some cases you may need dye to make the shirt a different color

Starting Point

The starting point of a Hanes shirt comes from a Bangladesh factory called Grameen Knitwear which employ 2700 people.

How cotton is acquired.

In the spring farmers plant acres of cotton seeds after a mechanical machine pulls out all grass, weeds, and then automatically places down the cotton seeds. The cotton usually comes up from the ground from five to seven days after planting. 6 weeks later buds appear and the buds mature for 3 weeks, turn into flowers, change colors and finally fall off. This ovary ripens and turns into a cotton boll. Ten weeks after the flowers have appeared fibers split the boll apart and the creamy cotton comes out. The seeds also come out and are ready to replant. The cotton is then defoliated. The cotton harvesting happens in the US by machine. The cotton is then stored in modules and are ready to be ginned. The module is then celaned and stored at the gin.

Polyester and how we get it.

Polyester is made in the US. To make polyester dimethyl terephthalate is reacted with another thing and is made to go to a temp. or ove 300 degrees. The new chemical is then combines with terephalic acid and then heated up to 400 degrees and forms a clear molten polyester then is formed into long polyester ribbons. Then they are cooled until brittle and cut into tiny dry chips. There are more steps, you can find them on google

How rayon is acquired.

Rayon is made in countries all over the world and can end up in the US. Rayon is made by processing purified cellulose, producing filaments and then spinning of it. At the end of it all it's made into fiber. Rayon is used for apparel industries for clothing, some lighters, bedsheets, bedspreads, covers, basically furniture stuff too. For medical uses they use Rayon for hygiene products, diapers and towels. But I could name these forever

How we get dye

We get dye by roots, nuts, and flowers, and also berries. THey chop the material up, boil it and then when it is just the colored water they would strain it and the shirt and toss the shirt in to be colored. This can also be done by machine
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1st step.

Yarn and thread is spun in a machine like above by the spindels. Then after this it is a long cross stitched piece of cotton.

Step 5

The sheets are then taken someplace else and are stretched and extra dried and stacked to easily be cut.

Step 6

The sheets are cut into shirt shapes and are then touched up and made better

Step 7

The soon to be shirts are now being sewed and stitched so they hold together and are even closer to being shipped out
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Step 8

The soon to be shirts are then ironed, inspected, and folded once again and then shipped to the warehouse and/or customer that bought the shirt(s)


I hoped you learned how to make Hanes shirts, materials that are in it, how the materials are aquirred and also how it gets to your house and the stores near you!