Class News

November 30-December 4

I hope everyone had an enjoyable and restful Thanksgiving break!
This week, in ELA, we will be continuing our discussion about character traits and applying this to various reading materials. One type of reading that we are completing this week, and in the upcoming weeks, is to read fables. We will be comparing and contrasting the fables. Students are working to support their opinions and ideas with evidence from the text and we will be beginning writing opinion paragraphs using our OREO graphic organizer (opinion, reasons, evidence, opinion).

There will be a math test for both 3rd and 4th grade on Friday, December 4th.
Third grade will be tested on single-digit by single-digit multiplication (5 x 9; 7 x 8...), as well as using the associative property and grouping numbers to assist with multiplication- example: (5 x 2) x 7
Fourth grade will be tested on 2, 3, and 4 digit multiplication by single digit (2,673 x 9; 358 x 6...), as well as how to solve multi-step equations.

During theme, 3rd grade is working on a Regions of the United States project. We are currently focusing on the Southeast Region of the US.
Fourth grade is continuing their EMC rotations in preparation for their field trip, Friday, December 11. If you have not turned in your child's field trip form, please do so immediately so we can have an accurate count of students who are attending.

Upcoming Events

Friday: December 4
Spelling Test (long i)
Math Test: Grade 3 and 4