IEP Meeting Best Practices

Before We Meet Again

IEP Best Practices

  • Implement at least 2 of the strategies discussed today.
  • Be prepared to discuss how these strategies may have enhanced an IEP meeting you conducted.
  • Consider how we can further partner families and students in the IEP process.

"A Tale of Two Conversations"

IEP best practices and effective communication skills are essential to engaging families and resolving conflicts in special education. In "A Tale of Two Conversations," both conversations are about the sames issue. However, each conversation has a very different end result. Before we meet again, take a few minutes to watch the two embedded videos below, and consider the questions following questions:

  • What was the same in both videos?
  • What was different in the videos?

  • What enabled the administrator and parent to find common ground and develop solutions that responded to mutual interests?
  • How can the parent and the administrator ensure that an idea they both like is in the child’s best interest?
  • What might you do to contribute to creating an atmosphere of positive regard and respect?