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Farewell to the Year of COVID - It's the last Family Bulletin for the year. Thank you for your readership and patience with us as we attempt to gather and channel important information. This was one heck of a year because there were so many changing pieces and information kept shifting. I am genuinely grateful to the Churchill Family Community which supported us and demonstrated a genuine understanding as we worked closely with local authorities to communicate info around school and the quarantine. I am really excited to see the start of a new school year that will have a full day and a full week. The news is not official as of yet, but everything is starting to look up and promising.

PLEASE RETURN BOOKS ASAP! It's time for students to return their textbooks and library books! You can drop them in the bin outside the front office from 8:30-3:30 each school day or the bin outside the library. Talk to Tiffany Wright ( or Debbie Levy ( if you have questions.

Student Advisory Board of the State Board of Education - This link will direct students to information about participating on the Student Advisory Board of the State Board of Education. It would be a great experience for students and great to have Eugene School District represented.

Summer Literacy/Activities For Students and Families - These resources are available all summer long for free!

  • Sora: e/audiobooks for K12 - Login with Clever; tons of high interest, diverse books for all reading levels!
  • Britannica School: Robust K12 database accessible to all reading levels; username: brit; password: eugene
  • Virtual Summer Camp Adventure: K5 resources filled with fun, engaging learning and reading activities all summer long. Here is a letter you can share with parents/guardians.
  • PebbleGO: K2; database accessible to all reading levels (even non-readers) filled with engaging information and activities on animals, health, science, geography, and biographies; School logins can be found here. Before sharing this document, make a copy and delete all but your school's information to make it easy for students to find their school's login information.
  • Eugene Public Library: All 4J students (even those outside city limits) can get a library card! Parents/students can phone 541-682-5450 and get a card over the phone to get access to digital resources or fill out this registration and mail or bring it in.
  • June Library Lowdown has includes all these resources and more!

Free eBooks and Audiobooks This Summer For All Students: All 4J students can get access to hundreds or free ebooks and audiobooks through Sora. Students use their typical 4J login and password, and then can choose between hundreds of popular ebooks and audiobooks. Hot new books have been recently added. Students can listen using their school computer, a cell phone, tablet or other device. Students can ask Debbie Levy if they have questions or watch this short video to see how to use Sora.

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Technology Return

If you are a Senior or a student who is not returning to CHS next year, please drop off your technology on Friday 6/18, or during Summer Office hours (9-12, 1-3pm Monday through Friday).


All Returning CHS Students

All returning CHS students will be permitted to keep their school issued laptop at home over the summer. However, this goes with great responsibility. Please adhere to the following protocols for safe keeping:


Store the laptop+charger in a safe place where it will not be damaged by moisture or excessive heat, forgotten/lost, or stolen

Keep the laptop+charger away from all liquids, food, and pets

Return the laptop+charger ASAP if you are leaving 4J


Leave the laptop+charger in a vehicle where it could be stolen or damaged by heat

Stack heavy objects on the laptop+charger

Store the laptop+charger in a place where people/animals might step/stand/lay/jump/etc. on it

Use the laptop+charger near an area where food is being prepared like the kitchen, next to the stove, etc.

Use the laptop+charger around pets and/or in physically chaotic environments

Use the laptop+charger on an unstable surface

Use or leave the laptop+charger on the floor or ground

Take the laptop+charger out of the state or country

Take the laptop+charger on vacation, hiking, camping, or to the beach

You can also check out our CHS website for more 4J School District Technology Expectation Guidelines at

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Churchill students are invited to join us for a fun chalk event hosted by the Youth Action Council, Leadership, and our CHS Peer Leaders. There will be music, food, & prizes too! It'll be a fun time to hang with friends and decorate the parking lot with chalk-art!

What: Fun Chalk Art Event


Monday. June 14th for Cohort 1 & Online Only Students from 1:30-3:30

Wednesday, June 16th for Cohort 2 & Online Only Students from 1:30-3:30

To sign up for the event, follow the instructions below.

1) Click this link to see our SignUp on
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on

*Note, if all the spots fill up, we still want you to attend!! If you have any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Henderson.

High School Summer Intensive Programs

High School Summer Intensive Program - Eugene School District 4J’s summer intensive program provides students coming into grades 9–12 an opportunity to extend their learning into the summer months and earn credit at the same time. 4J teachers lead the courses, which are designed to engage students in innovative learning that includes meaningful experiences outside of a traditional classroom setting.

Students are limited to one course each, to ensure there is enough space for other interested students. Students may enroll in a course at any location, regardless of the high school they attend.

More courses may be added throughout the spring. Please check back. In addition, if any courses have room and are open for a second enrollment, we will announce this in late June.

Courses will meet Monday through Friday, unless otherwise noted in the dates and times listed below. All courses are offered in-person, except where noted otherwise.

Questions? Please email Ed Mendelssohn,

Summer School Opportunities - Opportunities for students to earn MA credit.Our course offerings will benefit students in a number of ways.

1) Students will reestablish habits of mind required for success in their MA courses,

2) Students will re-engage with the routine of going to school and attending class.

3) Students can earn MA credit and may not need to repeat a course to move on to the subsequent course or to stay on-track for graduation.

4) Students will strengthen their content knowledge and be better prepared for their next math course.

5) Students will be engaging with high quality instruction, and some of the courses integrate other content in support of math instruction.

6) Seniors could recover the MA credit required to graduate. (We could enroll seniors in two credit recovery classes if this could get them the credit they need to graduation).

IMPORTANT: Even thought the following courses are offered at a particular location, students from any school can enroll in any of the courses. If does not need to be the student's home high school.

  • Geometry from Scratch (.5 credit) @ NE Grades 9-12 next fall.
  • Intermediate Algebra A (.5 credit) @ CHS and NE Specificallly geared towards this year's 9th grade students who did not pass Intermediate Algebra. Students who complete the course would be prepared to complete Int. Alg. B, geometry, and stats in their sophomore year and return to on-track status. This is NOT intended to replace first exposure to Int. Alg A, and we expect students taking Int. Alg. in high school for the first time to enroll in their school's standard Int. Alg. courses.
  • Inequities in Lending (.5) @ CHS Grade 9-12 next fall. Open to anyone who has had exposure to Int. Algebra, but it is not necesary that the student passed the course.
  • Work Sample Credit Recovery (.5 credit) @ LCC downtown Open to this year's seniors to complete grad requirements and next fall's seniors who are credit deficient and will require additional MA classes to graduate.
  • Fuel Ed Credit Recovery - open to this year's Grades 10-12 next fall and this year's seniors that need MA credit to graduate.

Some of the courses can be accessed through the district's high school summer programs page and students can self-enroll :

Work Sample Credit Recovery and Fuel Ed Credit Recovery require that your school's counselors or admin enroll them.

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Get Yourself a Yearbook!!

• Expanded Senior section (they deserve it)

• Perfect for 2021 CHS 'Back-to-School'

• Perfect 'send-off' essential / care package item for college-bound grads

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Looking Forward

Monday 6/14

Tuesday 6/15

Wednesday 6/16

Senior Tech Return and Grad Ticket Pickup 1-4pm

Thursday 6/17

Last Day for Students

Senior Graduation Recognition Event - 6:30 p.m. at Halvorsen Field (Churchill Football Stadium).

Friday 6/18

Final Workday for Teachers

New Assistant Principal

I have news to share about our administration team next year. I am excited to announce Michelle (Missy) Cole will be our next Assistant Principal for next year. Missy has been the Assistant Principal at Thurston High School for the last seven years and has had extensive experience working with students and leadership systems. Prior to Thurston Missy had a stretch of work as a Dean of Students in Washougal, WA, and also in the Tacoma area as a PE/Health teacher. Missy has many high mentions from her references that highlight how amazing she is as a team player, a champion for kids, and staunch supporter of teachers. We are very lucky to have her experience and vision join our team. I wish Casandra Kamens the best in her new role, and I know that Missy will be a terrific addition to our team. Please join me in welcoming her to our team.

What Helps You

Our CHS Sources of Strength Peer Leaders have been working really hard to share some positive messaging around "What Helps Us." This week's advisory shared this message, but we wanted to share with families as well. I have attached an excerpt from the newsletter students created that we wanted to share with you.

In addition, below you will find a link to our Newsletter. Thanks so much!

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Congratulations to our Amazing CHS Students:

Emma Harden - QuestBridge Scholarship for Stanford University

Citlalli Badillo - Ford Foundation Scholarship for University of Portland

Samantha Webster-Bernal - Gerald R. Ford Writing Challenge Scholarship

Carson Lydon - Athletic scholarship to UO

Sequoia Connell (11th) has been selected as one of the eight future global leaders participating in the Global Classmates Summit 2021. He will represent high school students in the U.S. in order to deepen mutual understanding and friendship between the U.S. and Japan this summer.

Syurei Bartoldus (10th) won the first prize on the 29th National Japan Bowl (digital) Conversation Round in Level 4.