They can seem scary but are really AWESOME!!!

Why I Chose to Make This.......

I chose to make this because i want people to see that tornadoes aren't just some freak of nature that kills people, they are pretty cool storms that can change someone's future[in a good way!]. Most people in my town, Avon, IN, hate tornadoes and think they are a nuisance to life. But I'm here to change that.

How they form

First of all, in order to even make the cell it comes from, not a body cell, but a weather cell, it needs these key ingredients: moisture, updraft, and shear. I forget the last one. All of that creates rotation in the air which causes tornado warnings which causes tornado sirens to go off which causes people to freak out and hate tornadoes! But you won't hate them so much when you figure out most people who die during these are the people who are running around the house, filming it coming directly at them, and not preparing!

Kinds of Tornadoes

Well there are only two types of tornadoes which is a waterspout, a tornado that forms over the ocean, and a regular land tornado. But what I meant was the winds speed and the Elijah Fujita scale.

  1. EF0: 73 mph and lower Light Damage
  2. EF1: 73 mph- 112 mph Moderate Damage
  3. EF2: 112 mph-157 mph Considerable Damage
  4. EF3: 157 mph-206 mph Severe Damage
  5. EF4: 206 mph- 260 mph Devastating Damage
  6. EF5: 260 mph and higher Catastrophic Damage
No, there isn't an F6 or F7 or F12, just those 6.

So.... you still aren't convinced eh? Safety Tips!

Well, there is not much more I can do except tell you that not all people die during a tornado. There are still ways to survive! So here are some tips:

  1. Wear a helmet or a pot on your head. This sounds weird but it can save you from, let's say a toilet crushing your skull!
  2. Get in the lowest floor of your home. The roof can easily blow off and you go flying into the air and thrown onto the other side of town.
  3. Duck and cover! Adults can ask their kids what this means and show an example.
  4. Even though you are duck and covering you'll need protection. A matress or pillows are good.

Thank you for reading!

I hop I inspired people to not be afraid of tornadoes, but to actually do something when there is a tornado warning and not to ignore it. :p