BA Discipline Referral Procedures

Dr. Mills, Principal & Dr. Frederick, Assistant Principal

Steps to completing the discipline referral

Our discipline referrals are now digital and will be easier for your to record and manage discipline issues that occur in your class. This new procedure will assist us in gathering this information for parent conferences, IAT, IEP meetings , and hearing board documentation.

  • You will choose the form that fits the grade level of the student that will receive the referral. You will choose High School, Middle, or Elementary Academy.
  • Choose teacher name of the drop down menu. If you do not see your name, choose other and then type in the name.
  • Choose the student's name. You will notice that it also has additional student information, however the names are in alphabetical order.
  • Choose the date the incident occurred
  • In the next section(Record of Incident). This section includes your statement with a factual narrative. Here you will record the incident along with evidence.
  • You will choose the type of incident . For example if a student disrupts the classroom by threatening another student. You will choose disrupting the classroom as well as threatening another student. If none of the choose fit your incident choose "other" and then name the type of incident in the next question.

Prior Action Taken by teacher you will describe all the activities that you have done to get student to compliant with your classroom management plan and the Blythewood Academy's student expectation protocol. Please check ALL THAT APPLY.

Video/Screencast of Discipline Referral Procedures