1. Life As A King

I rule the land!

2. Middle Ages-

A thousand -year period that followed the fall of Rome.


A noble who owned land.


A peasant who lived and worked on land of a lord or vassal.


A main part of a nobles land.

3. Main people involved-

-The king
-The kings nobles & vassals

4. Statements

Supported by the labor and taxes of the peasants, the lord and his wife would seem to have had a comfortable life. In many ways they did, even though they lacked many of the comforts of modern society.



The lords owned large self-sufficient estates called manors, which included the land worked by the serfs. The manor houses, where the lords lived, were often protected with defensive works.


5. Questions

What did the lords live in?

5. Questions

What is a noble who owned land?


This makes me think of back breaking work that the serfs had to...

8. Riley Thompson