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Back To School Night

This year's Back To School Night will be held fully virtual for all grade levels. We will launch the website for BTSN on October 22 at 6:30pm. A link to the videos will be sent via School Messenger, the school’s website newsfeed, the school’s Facebook page, and the school’s Twitter feed.

The Back To School Night website will include messages from Ms. Bilotti, Dr. Dutt and Ms. Ritchie to “kick off” the event and will include various updates about the school year and general reminders for parents.

Please do not worry if you cannot make this specific time because all videos will be pre-recorded and availabe for all parents to view when convenient for them.

How Can I Prepare for BTSN?

1. Access your child's schedule in Parent Portal to locate each of their assigned teachers. BTSN will focus on their virtual classes and teachers, not their academy assignments.

2. On October 22 at 6:30pm, access the link to the teacher videos and listen to their overview of curriculum, expectations and grading systems.

3. Should you have specific questions for the teachers that may not have been answered in the video, you can access their email address directly from the BTSN website.