Food and Land Gathering. Oct '13

Meet, Talk, Feast! Sat 5th Oct. 11am-4pm. Feed Bristol.

This is a very important time for working out how Bristol can feed itself into the future. Come and take part in these free workshops with people who are striving towards a sustainable food future for Bristol. All are welcome.

This is a special event which is part of Avon Wildlife Trust's Feed Bristol monthly programme of open days. Here you can learn, share ideas and help to create solutions. As well as joining in with the talks and workshops you can indulge in apple pressing, pumpkin mania(!) tea, cake, delicious lunch (See workshop 3), and tours of the beautiful, ever changing Feed Bristol site with project officer Matt Cracknell. We may also be lucky enough to see the brilliant art installation Future Museum of Food by Jethro Brice (tbc).


WORKSHOPS (Each session is about 45 mins long).

Workshop 1. 11.30am. What is Food Sovereignty and why do we need it here? Reducing global vulnerability with local resilience.

With Humphrey Lloyd (Edible Futures / Land Workers Alliance), Joy Carey (Who Feeds Bristol?) and Mark Jackson (Bristol Uni Soil/Seed/Society project).

Workshop 2. 12.45pm. Will Bristol lead the way in creating a resilient food system? Politics and Planning and how they just might help.

With Joe Evans (CPRE), Joy Carey (Bristol Food Policy Council) and others (tbc).

Workshop 3. 2pm. FEASTING! What fresh, local and organic means for our health. Indulge in conversation with each other and all the speakers over a delicious lunch prepared on site by Market Kitchen. £3.50 - £6 per dish.

Workshop 4. 3pm. Bringing a city back to the land. Bristol is part of the new Sustainable Food Cities Network. What does this mean for us? Communications, collaborations and getting our hands dirty. With Matt Cracknell (AWT/Feed Bristol), Lia Leendertz (The Guardian), Ed Dowding (Food Trade), Holly Black (Soil Association) and Maddy Longhurst (Bristol Gleaning Network).

It would be great if you could register how many of you are coming by going here: . This will just help us prepare for the event and anticipate visitor numbers. No one will be turned away!

All these details are correct as we send this out. Please get in touch if you want to check any details nearer to the event.

Some of the inspiration behind this event...

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