The Journey to Machu Picchu, Peru

Nick Burr

Basically Everything explained.

I want to go to Machu Picchu, Peru because it seems like a pretty chill place. It would be a life changing experience for me, considering that iv'e never been to Peru before, and while i'm there i get to go to what is considered an ancient place.

It is suppose to take a week to get to Machu Picchu following the Inca Trail. To get there we would fly out to the Cusco Airport, Peru with out freshly aquired passports, and rent a car to get to the trail. once there we would buy a guide to take us there. For food we would drop by McDonald's and spend $50 of food of the Dollar menu and be set for the week trip. for water we would carry 1 gallon jugs and refill when needed. We would leave in December because it is still summer in Peru at that time. For equipment we honestly wouldn't need much besides a backpack to carry the food, and clothes, and some tennis shoes or hiking boots. Estimated cost for each person is around $3,500.