Literacy Facilitator

In the Primary Grades

Library is accessable and inclusive of all

- alternative seating ie. yoga ball, bean bag, rockers, chair cushions, carpet squares and a variety of sizes of chairs.
- lighting options ie. dim and bright, natural, no florescent, and lamps
- head phones for noise canceling
- mic and headphones for computers
- picture schedule and picture and word labels for young learners
- fidget toys

Literacy Manipulatives

Kindergarten and Grade 1 are absorbing every piece of literacy they see

Provide hands on manipulatives for young students learning to read
- magnetic letters and a cookie tray
- white board, markers and flash cards with simple word/picture combination
- flyers to create lists cut, glue and write words
- Ipads
- word and picture labels for areas, sections, authors, equipment and furniture
- Literacy toys and games ie. boogle, lacing letters

Families and Community

Involve families and the community in your school. They have knowledge and experience that they can share with students like local printing companies, airline employees can get great literature about planes and airports for students with specific interests reach out to your community find out what they have to offer.

Families should be involved in students transition into kindergarten and have a through understanding of what play based learning looks like. Create an after school drop in program at the beginning of the year where parents/guardians participate in one play based learning activity with their child they can do at home. Create an after school program where parents/guardian attend and explore a new technology program or app each week and review it for the school

Collaboration with Teachers

The library becomes the library commons and the hub of the school when collaboration among teachers and the teacher librarian is part of the culture of the school. Collaboration can be done with teachers and the librarian through coordination, cooperation, integrated instruction and integrated curriculum. The levels of sucess in cordination is measured through the intensity and participation of each partner in the collaborative process.

The Role of the Teacher Librarian

The success of the library as a learning commons is dependent on the many roles the teacher librarian plays
- collection manager
- virtual library
- schedule manager
- collaborative partner
- teacher
- club facilitator
- workshop facilitator