Tragic Times

Othello the Moor

Will Desdemona Marry the Moor?

Inside sources say that Desdemona, daughter of Senator Brabantio, has allegedly married an elderly moor general. This was proven a few days ago, but the dirty little details are just escaping. Cassio, lieutenant of the moor general, Othello, gave us an inside scoop on the night it all went down. He states that he was visiting with his friend Iago, and they were startled by the senator and his guards as they rushed out of the estate. Apparently, a messenger had snuck in the senators house late that night and whispered to him in his sleep of his daughter and the moor. Waking after the messenger had left, the senator instantly gathered his guards at the appalling news and left instantly to find the moor, General Othello. Story continued on A3

Will Cassio Be Canned?

The true colors of our, "beloved" lieutenant Cassio, was exposed last night in a brawl with Montano. After reportedly chasing another man while intoxicated. Some soldiers standing by attempted to calm Cassio and they all ended up in a brawl. To our surprise we've had more than one testimony stating that former Lieutenant Cassio is a heavy drinker, apparently he drinks himself to sleep every single night. Which is shocking, Cassio was once a beloved lieutenant. But now, Governor Othello has removed him from his position of service and is stated to have nothing to do with Michel Cassio.