Save the Virunga Gorillas!

Endangered Gorillas in Central Africa

Are Gorillas in Central Africa Soon to Become Extinct?

Michael L.

There are multiple ways that gorillas are becoming extinct today. First of all, people need wood, so they cut down the forest where the gorillas live, and because of that the gorillas lose their habitats. They are also getting caught up in wars around around them, and the gorillas get killed. There are lots of things driving gorillas toward extinction. Gorillas don’t feel safe in their natural habitat, and somebody needs to do something about it.

Gorillas Moving onto Mountains for Better Protection

Gorillas are in lots of danger when they are down on the ground, so they are forced to move up into the mountains.

When the gorillas lived in the forests near rivers and streams, they were getting killed from habitat loss and war. So because of that, they were forced to move up into the mountains.

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Dian Fossey helps get Vurunga gorilla populations back up.

Gorilla populations are going down, so Dian Fossey helps to put a stop to it.

In around 1967, the Virunga Gorilla population was at an all-time low. Somehow, Dian managed to help get it back up again. In under a year, she got the population back up again. Unfortunately, she was murdered in 1985. Dian Fossey played a huge role in helping Virunga Gorillas. If it wasn’t for her, the Virunga Gorillas might be extinct.

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Stop Cutting Down Trees!

Gorillas are losing their homes because people are cutting down forests for wood for their own personal use. People need to stop cutting down trees because that is most of the reason that gorillas are losing their habitat. People can plant trees to help get gorillas' habitats back later on. There are multiple things people can do to help gorillas get their population back up.

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