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Message from Geordie

Hello Families

Each term we share news to help you and your child become more familiar with our Pre-Kindy and Kindergarten programs, which are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework: Belonging, Being and Becoming.


The beginning of the year is an important time for making friends, exploring materials and working creatively through play. Play-based learning incorporates communication, numeracy and literacy language, and social and emotional development. Our Kindy also follows the WA kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines

Interviews for Kindy 2023 will be taking place early next term and we will be in touch. We have a few positions left for Kindy 2022 - if you know of family and friends considering St Bernadette’s, we would very much appreciate you passing this information on.

Take care,

Geordie Thuijs


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Term 1 has been such an exciting and busy time in Kindy!

We have been exploring counting numbers 0 – 5 and playing in the sensory tray planting flowers in the number pots is a great way of learning these numbers!

We investigated the sense of sight, making binoculars and telescopes for a Bear Hunt around the school grounds. We discovered the nature playground and the chickens! We ran up and down the hill on the oval but couldn’t find a bear! When we arrived back at Kindy we found a Bear on our Kindy T-shirts and Big Bear hiding in the Kindy Blue Cave!

We have loved our "let’s have a look" under the ocean where we learnt all about the creatures and plant life that live in our seas. We used big magnifying glasses to study the sharks, turtles and an array of fish that live in the sea. We discovered the many different types of marine life that live on the ocean floor. We loved to pretend we were in the deep blue ocean with our toy animals and ice blue water in the sensory tuff tray.

This term we have been learning how to follow instructions to play group games. We have been playing Duck, Duck, Goose, Follow the Leader, What’s the time Mr Wolf and Indians & Teepees. It’s so exciting to go out onto the big school oval to play our games and run around!

In Kindy, love our water play, particularly when it has been so hot! We set up a car wash and used watering cans and different containers to wash our bikes, trikes and scooters!

We can't wait to see what Term 2 holds, its going to be another busy one!

Teresa Mcfarlane & Julie Pearce

Kindy Garden

In Kindy, we love being outside in our garden!

We have been investigating how plants grow from seeds. We have planted herbs in the wheelbarrow and now we are getting the garden bed ready for planting seed potatoes.

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Harmony Dress up Day

We had dress up day to celebrate Harmony Day which was a lovely way to celebrate the different cultures and backgrounds we have in our Bernie's community. Some of us came dressed in our cultural dress and others wore something orange.
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