By Dan Mulligan


Do you know who Roger Williams is? He was a man during colonial times who discovered The Rhode Island Colony.As a child he grew up in London. Next, as an adult Roger sailed to Massachusetts to begin his adult life. Finally, he was banished from Massachusetts. Then he found the Rhode Island Colony. Thanks to Roger Williams we have fifty states in America. It would of been odd with only forty nine states in America!

Roger Williams Life

Roger lived quiet a while in his long life. Roger may have had a great life in his opinion. Roger lived through 1603 - 1683. He was eighty two when he died. The exact day Roger died was April 18, 1683. Like most, Roger was born in London. Roger was born December 21, 1603. Roger was the son of merchant tailor. Rogers parent's names were Alice Williams and James Williams. Also, when Roger died he was buried with a military honor. There is a statue of Roger today at the U.S.A capital. Next, Roger got married to Mary Barnard in 1629. Then they had six children in their lives. Their children's names were Providence Williams, Daniel Williams, Mercy Williams, Mary Williams, Freeborn Williams, and Joseph Williams. Finally in the end Roger got more respect from Indians then his own people! Roger lived long and had a good life. Now lets see what Roger did in his long life.

What Roger Williams Did in Life

Roger did a lot of things in his life. Roger tried to do great things for the colonies, but they didn't allow it. First , Roger sailed to the colonies. It took him ten weeks to get there. Roger finally arrived at Boston Massachusetts in February 1631. Between 1631 - 1635 Roger was a preacher in several different towns. Next, Roger got a job. It was to record what happened at The Star Chamber. The Star Chamber was a courthouse. After that, Sir Edward Coke was his teacher and boss. Then, Edward put Roger in a great school where Edward only had one other earn their way there. Next, Roger wanted to learn about the Indians. So Roger had dinners with them, learned their language, what they did and more. Finally, Roger was banished from the Massachusetts colony and found Rhode Island! Do you know what he did in Rhode Island?

Roger Williiams in Rhode Island

Roger attained Rhode Island by buying land from Massasict. He was the Indian's chief who owned the land. First Roger named his new settlement. He called it " Providence ." Roger named it Providence because he thought God would except it. Roger's town was the first town in America that promised complete religious freedom. Roger's first house was similar to the Indian's huts. Then, the Indians gave Roger and his group food to eat. Also, Roger then organized the first baptist church in America. After a while, Roger formed the Rhode Island colony. Through 1654 - 1657 Roger was the president of Rhode Island. Roger let outlaws enter his colony even if Roger didn't believe their religious beliefs. He was a very fair,kind President.


Roger was a very great person in human history. Also a very unique person. Roger lived long and old. Roger also had six great children. When Roger lived in Massachusetts, Roger tried to share his brilliant ideas. In Rhode Island, Roger was kind and fair to his people. Roger was a great,bold man in human history. Roger was great because Roger believed in what he thought was right. It would of been great if I could of meet him!


Indians - Some of the first people to live in the U.S.A

Banished - To force someone to leave there home/country as a punishment

Providence - Marked or defined land

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