Jackie Robinson

By: Emily Loane

About Jackie

Jackie was born and six months later his father abandoned him, his mother, and his half brother. Robinson’s mother moved her family to Pasadena California in 1920. Ricky got selected Robinson for the Montreal Royals. He played second baseman, and batted an International League that stole 40 bases. This led them to the Little World Series Championship. He suffered diabetes and heart disease. He was also almost blind. On October 24th, 1972, he died because of a heart attack.

Background racism problems

There were inequality in sports and jobs that Jackie faced. Many players on opposing teams threatened not to play against the Dodgers. Even his own teammates threatened to sit out. His fans harassed and said mean words for the stands and didn't support him out all.

How Jackie Robinson overcame Racism

He would have to take "abuse, name-calling, rejection by fans and sports critics and by fellow players not only on opposing teams by on his own. He had to be able to stand up in the face of merciless persecution and not retaliate." It was his fate, and he faced it with athletic power and personal dignity. Knew it would be difficult ahead and so he prepared himself for it, because he was a black young athlete, so he promise to not fight back when bullied with racism.
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How does racism still exist today?

For the second time since April, the N.B.A has been rocked by a disclosure from a team owner that the presence of blacks at games negatively affects the bottom line. In workplaces today people are still treated with unfairness and unjust in the world whether you have a career in sports or you’re a teacher in middle school you will always have inequality in workplaces where ever you go, it might not be as bad as it used to be but there still is inequality in all workplaces.

How do we overcome racism?

  • They could just ignore It and wait for it to just pass over

  • They could say how they are not different because of their color and tell the coach or responsible adult what is happening

  • Isn't it a little old to be making fun of peoples skin color and not including people in thinks


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