Mary Paxton Keeley

famous Missourian by corben brown

Mary Paxton Keeley

Dates and name

my name is Mary Paxton I was born in June 2,1886 and died 1986 when i was a 100 years old. I was the oldest out of five children.

Early life/Education

I couldn't attend college right away because my mother died. I attended Hollians College in Virgina but I didn't improve much. I attended the University of Missouri. I was the first woman to attend the school of Journalism.

Major Struggles

I was a single parent for one child, John because my husband was sick and later died.

Major Accomplishments

I got my Masters degree and taught Journalism. I retired from teaching in 1952. I received the Alumni Citation Award from the University of Missouri.

Interesting facts

I live to be a 100 years old. I picked the color of the graduating tassle from school of Journalism, it is still red. I have an elementary named after me.

Other Information

One of my childhood friends was Bess Wallace, the future wife of US President Harry S. Truman.