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Summer 2021

Ross Glen School


“Fostering responsible citizenship through holistic development”


“As a professional learning community, we are committed to nurturing holistic development, promoting life-long learning and encouraging our students to become responsible citizens.”

Ross Glen School Goals for 2021-2022

1. In what ways will deepening our understanding and implementation of research-based literacy practices impact student learning?

2. To what extent can our focus on the wellness of students and staff contribute to the overall sense of wellbeing at Ross Glen School?


Staffing Update

We encourage our students to try new things every day, and as staff we model trying new things. With the mindset that trying new things is encouraged, we have some staffing announcements as we prepare for next year.
  • Miss Bohonos will be moving to WLC
  • Ms. Kuehn will be moving to George Davison
  • Mr. Kruger will be moving to Elm Street
  • Mrs. Schmitt will be moving to BC to teach
  • Mr. Albano is moving to BC with his family

We thank them all for their contributions to our Ross Glen school community and we wish them the best as they continue their journey in different schools or communities.

We will be welcoming:

  • Mrs. Gebhardt will continue at Ross Glen, but move into a grade 4 homeroom teacher position
  • Mrs. Fuerst, currently at Roy Wilson teaching grade 1, who will teach a grade 2/3 combined at RG
  • Mr. Tschritter, currently at George Davison teaching grade 5, who will teach a grade 4 class at RG
  • Mrs. Woolridge will be our new library assistant
  • Miss Weisgerber, currently Vice-Principal at Elm Street, moving to RG as Vice-Principal

Welcome to Ms. Fuerst

Hello Ross Glen. My name is Ms. Fuerst and I am beyond thrilled to be returning back to Ross Glen School. I was here for my very first teaching position in 2009. I have a 6 year old daughter and a dog named Joy. In my spare time I love to be outside in my yard, golf, be in the mountains, watch movies and bake. I am really looking forward to the exciting new teaching adventure in a new classroom. I hope everyone has a summer full of fun and I am looking forward to getting to know you this fall.

Welcome to Mr. Tschritter

Hello to all of the Ross Glen School families. My name is Michael Tschritter and I am excited to be joining the teaching staff at Ross Glen School. I have been a teacher for four years and I am thrilled to be joining this amazing school community in the fall. Ross Glen School is such a caring school community focused on the holistic development of students. Some of my passions include literacy, science and technology. I can often be found enjoying a great book or watching hockey in my spare time. I look forward to working collaboratively with our school community to help inspire all students to reach their full potential!

Welcome to Mrs. Woolridge

Hello, my name is Amanda Woolridge and I am the new librarian at Ross Glen School. I have lived in Medicine Hat for approximately 2 years and prior to that I resided in Ontario. My family and I moved here because of my husbands job and we have not looked back, this city has been great to us. I look forward to meeting all the students and having an opportunity to share my love of books with them. I truly believe that books are a great way for children to expand their horizons and are fundamental to their learning.

Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you in September!

Mrs. W

Welcome to Miss Weisgerber

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is with great pleasure that I write to you and introduce myself as the incoming Vice Principal of Ross Glen School. There is no doubt that the community of Ross Glen is strong and I look forward to working alongside this already well-built team.

I have been in education for 11 years, 4 of those years being in administration at Elm Street School (Vice Principal). I have a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Lethbridge, as well as a Masters in Education from the University of Lethbridge, as well. In my personal life, I am an auntie to my 5 year old nephew and 3 year old niece, who I enjoy spoiling on a regular basis. As well, I enjoy being outdoors - hiking, running and walking my dog, Beau (a polar white labrador).

My education philosophy is to build strong relationships and to have high expectations for students, as all students are capable when we, as educators, give them the opportunity to progress in their learning.

As I begin this journey at Ross Glen School, I look forward to collaborating with staff and parents, as we collectively work together for the betterment of the students of Ross Glen School.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

Ashton Weisgerber

Meet the Staff


Early Learning Program (ELP): Mrs. H. Ast

Kindergarten: Mrs. J. Johnson

Play and Learn: Mrs. L. Tumback

Grade 1: Mrs. M. Brudevold and Mrs. K. Biech

Grade 2: Mrs. S. Boodhoo

Grade 2/3: Ms. K. Fuerst

Grade 3: Mrs. T. Pfeifer

Grade 4: Mrs. E. Gebhardt and Mr. M. Tschritter

Grade 5: Mrs. S. Mandel and Miss J. Roth

Grade 6: Mrs. S. Barnes and Miss A. McDougall

Classroom Support Teacher (CST): Mrs. H. Gust

Vice-Principal: Miss Weisgerber

Principal: Ms. N. Mastel


Educational Assistants: Mrs. Cottrell, Mrs. Neufeld, Miss Sulz, Mrs. Henders, Mrs. McNaughton, Mrs. Seitz, and Mrs. Vargo

Administrative Assistant: Miss J. Foster

Library Clerk: Mrs. Woolridge

Custodial Staff: Mr. C. Vick, Mrs. Caceres and Mrs. L. Lewis

Teachers on leave:

Mrs. Campbell


Our division will be moving to a new system for communication, attendance and assessment. The system is called Edsby and can be accessed online or through the Edsby app on mobile phones. More information will be shared in the fall.

New K-Grade 6 DRAFT curriculum

Over the Easter Break, the government released the DRAFT curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 6. The curriculum is to be implemented September 2022.

Please review the document as it is important you are aware of what teachers are mandated to teach.

Once reviewed, please provide the government with your feedback.

Summer Reading Activities

Many children forget some of what they've learned or slip out of practice during the summer months. Try these strategies to help your reader improve his/her reading during the summer and beyond:

  1. Six books to summer success: Research shows that reading just six books during the summer may keep a struggling reader from regressing. When choosing the six, be sure that they are just right — not too hard and not too easy. Take advantage of our amazing Medicine Hat Public Library. Ask for help selecting books that match your child's age, interests, and abilities. Libraries often run summer reading programs that motivate kids to read, so find out what's available in your area. Also check Scholastic book lists for recommendations.
  2. Read something every day: Encourage your child to take advantage of every opportunity to read. Find them throughout the day:
    • Morning: The newspaper — even if it is just the comics or today's weather.
    • Daytime: Schedules, TV guides, magazines, online resources, etc. For example, if your daughter likes the food channel, help her look for a recipe on the network's Web site — then cook it together for more reading practice.
    • Evening: End the day by having your child read to you from the book he is currently reading (one of the six books, above). Have him rehearse a paragraph, page, or chapter before reading to you. Rereading will help him be more fluent — able to read at an appropriate speed, correctly, and with nice expression.
  3. Keep reading aloud: Reading aloud benefits all children and teens, especially those who struggle. One benefit is that you can read books your child can't, so she will build listening comprehension skills with grade-level and above books. This will increase her knowledge and expand her experience with text, so that she will do better when she reads on her own.

It's hard to keep up a reading routine in a season packed with distractions and diversions. These suggestions will fit into a busy schedule and make reading fun!

Family Fun Activities

Make math games part of family fun

“I’ve got a number,” is a great way to give your kids a math workout on a long road trip. Come up with a number between one and 100. Take a mini white board and write down math clues to help your kids guess the number. For example: I’ve got a number. It’s divisible by five but not by two. It’s also known as a “quarter.” It’s one-fourth of 100. See how long it takes your kids to guess “25.”

Scrabble is a great vocabulary builder

What is more fun than scoring 14 points with that pesky Q, except maybe watching your 7-year-old make the word “zebra” for 16?

Encourage your child to keep a summer scrapbook

Keeping a scrapbook of summer fun, even if that fun takes place in the backyard, encourages your child to develop storytelling skills, writing skills and to explore their own creativity. What a great thing to share with their new teacher/class in September.

Don’t forget free time in the great outdoors

No matter how important it is to keep some structured learning going on over the summer, it’s equally important to give your children time to explore the world independently with no agenda. Plan a camp-out in the backyard and spend the night stargazing. Who knows? Maybe learning the names of the constellations will spark an interest in the Greek myths, or even space travel.

Cook with your children

This is one of the best ways to integrate math, reading and following directions. Let your child design the menu too! Help your child put together their favorite recipes in a cookbook.

Plant a garden

Your child will gain responsibility and pride as they watch their plants grow and thrive.

Learn a new word each week!

Hang it on the fridge and see who can use it the most times throughout the week.

Did I mention READ?! If your child does nothing else this summer make sure he/she is reading!

Ross Glen School Clothing Items

Be prepared for the 2021-2022 school year and order your school clothing during the summer break.

We are happy to announce we have a new line of Ross Glen clothing, and other items, available to our school community for purchase! We know school clothing, and other items, creates a sense of belonging, builds a feeling of community, and encourages school pride. We are excited to offer this to our students and school community!

This year, options will include masks, neck gaiters, mini hand sanitizer bottles, and fanny packs (to keep masks, and other items, safe while the students are enjoying playing at recess).

Sales will take place directly on our online store. Families are able to order and pay for their choices directly.

The link for ordering is

School Council

Thank you to our School Parent Council members for their hard work in supporting our school this year. Here is our School Council Executive for the 2020-2021 school year:

Co-Chairs: Elizabeth Gebhardt and Jessie Ruckaber

Secretary: Megan Knodel

Treasurer: Nicole Nikiel

Agenda and meeting link will be emailed to all families.

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Tru Earth

All products purchased ship directly to the purchaser, with no shipping charges. The campaign remains open until the end of the school year, so you can place orders at your convenience and replenish your stock as needed while supporting our cause. When you use Tru Earth Eco-Strips, you will feel confident that you are taking care of your family and their future on this planet. If we all make the switch to Tru Earth, our profits will really add up!

Please share our school store with friends and family everywhere. Our school will earn profits on their purchases as well. Our school store is open now. Be sure to check it out and place your orders right away!

Finalized MHPSD Calendar for 2021-2022

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October 18th is the election and scheduled as a Professional Learning day so students aren't in the schools.

Ways to Connect

There are many ways to stay in touch with our school.
Please feel free to connect with us through our multiple platforms.

Our website is:


School Facebook page:

Twitter: @RossGlenSchool