So what can YOU do about HATE?

Dont buy it!

Its not a joke!

Hate is everywhere. You see it everyday. People who put out hate might try to make it seem okay by saying "I was joking" after putting someone down. These people might not know that even though they said theyre "just kidding" it still hurts.

It still hurts..

Even though you were just "joking", im still hurting. I feel worthless like you said I am. Youve probably forgotten about it by but I havent. Your jokes are not funny, im not laughing, im hurt.


Some people are hurt so bad because of a bullys "joke" that they decide to end their life. About 4,400 teens kill themselves a year because of a bully. That doesnt have to be you though. Please call 1 (800)-273-8255 if you ever feel like suicide is the answer.