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How to Add a Co-Teacher to Your Schoology Courses

Sharing is caring, right? Especially sharing and contributing course materials with a Co-Teacher! Watch the 30 second gif HERE on how to add your Co-Teacher as an Admin in your Schoology course. (We had a little glitch that causes some Co-Teachers to be kicked out but that should be corrected now.)
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Student Panel Recap

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Students Say Blended is Best!

Our student panel all agreed they LOVE the use of Schoology, one of the main reasons being it helps to keep their materials organized in one place, especially once all teachers fully integrate. They also specified they understand situations where it isn't applicable and a blended environment, where traditional best practices are merged with educational experience enhancing technological tools, would be preferred.

Students Requested Additional Support

During the student panel our students requested some additional 'direct instruction' support and training in using Google Drive and Schoology. Below are a few ways to provide that support.

  • I am available to co-teach with you on the implementation of any instructional technology feature/tool, especially Google Drive and Schoology (with enough notice). I've done this with Mrs. Hamm, Mrs. Ruddy, Mrs. Gerber, Ms. Roberts and many others upon an initial use of a feature or tool. SCHEDULE WITH ME TODAY!!
  • Please also share these videos with your students. Our own students have put together some quick "How To" videos for Schoology and Google Drive that you can access HERE.

Organizing Your Google Drive

How To: Organize Google Drive

Don't forget to Celebrate!!

I can't wait to add the 8th grade into these numbers... they are off to a great start!!!
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