Watch Out for Acid Rain!!!!!

Acid rain in Germany 2015 the sky is falling

Causes of acid rain

The fire was the cause of the explosion
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Effect of acid rain

Acid rain makes waters acidic and causes them to absorb the aluminum that makes its way from soil into lakes and streams.

Countries affected by environmental problems

Sweden ,Norway,Denmark,USA

What the government is trying to do to prevent acid rain?

They are building more technology to help reduce acid rain .

Paragraph on how people affect the environment and the impact.

They affect the environment by making things go around the world like spreading things on our surroundings. And people cutting down tress and selling or killing animals but they have a large scale of farming animals. Farming animals make food for us and some of them have protein in them just like milk and some meats and things .Therefore a human impact on the environment is inevitable. By simply existing, all species including ourselves will imprint their mark on the world around them.