About me

Juliette McDaniel

My family

My family has four members in it, my mom, my dad, my little brother, then there's me. My little brother, Kevin, is just the most annoying little kid ever. Have you ever watched Home Alone? He’s like the Kevin in that movie.

Winter break

Over winter break my family watched a lot of Christmas movies and we made cookies. On Christmas Eve we watched Home Alone and ordered pizza. After we finished Home Alone we watched Christmas Vacation then went to sleep. Christmas Day, when Kevin woke up he decided to wake everyone up. Once we were all woken up he ripped open his presents before we all had even gotten to the Christmas tree. After we had opened our presents at home we went to our grandparents house.


My hobbies are sleeping, eating and watching Netflix. That’s all I did over winter break. and that all I’ll do on any break. I deserve it school is just too much for me.

When I get older I want to be a lawyer. I find the work interesting and fun. Don’t judge, I am weird.