Conferences This Thurs and Fri!


Don't Forget to Schedule a Conference!

Conference Sign Ups for 2nd Trimester!


The 2nd Trimester conferences are NOT mandatory. Either a parent or a teacher MAY request to meet to discuss student progress. If a teacher requests one from you, please make sure to respond to the teacher because that means it is VERY IMPORTANT for the teacher(s) to meet with you.

These conferences will be held on the afternoon of our two half days (Feb. 6th and 7th) from 1:15 pm - 5:15 pm. Each block is 15 min. long. Extended Care IS available both days. Here is the list of teachers if you would like a conference:

Ms. Wendy (Pre-K 3):

Ms. Patty (Pre-K 4):

Ms. Raquel (KG - A):

Ms. Sonia (KG - B):

Mrs. Farias (KG - English):

Ms. Juliet (1/2 English):

Ms. Celine (1/2 Spanish):

Mrs. Allen (3/4 English):

Mr. Rodriguez (3/4 Spanish):

Mrs. Donoso (5/6/7/8 - SS, Spanish):

Mr. Ivan (5/6/7/8 - Spanish/Math):

Mr. Farias (5/6/7/8 - Religion/English):

Thanks...and have a great day!

Katie Dempsey