3K News!

Week of June 8-12, 2015


6/17: Field Day (12:30 Dismissal)

6/18: Move Up Day (12:30 Dismissal)

6/19: Last Day of School, End of Year Slide Show (12:30 Dismissal)

3K's Writers' Ball

Thank you for attending 3K's Writers' Ball. The students loved having the opportunity to share their work with you. They have transformed into authors who truly make their stories come to life with description, dialogue, and action.

Exploring The Indian King Tavern

3K apprentice tradesmen had a great time visiting The Indian King Tavern. The Inn Keeper explained the daily activities of the tavern where visitors came to eat, sleep, and converse. As apprentices, students were able to see different responsibilities and jobs that their trades had in Colonial Haddonfield. We also learned about the historical significance of the Indian King Tavern, as it was an essential meeting place to discuss the foundation of New Jersey's government.

Tech Writer Celebration!

This week we celebrated the great work that we have done with our kindergarten buddies. Third graders wrote letters to their buddies telling them how proud they are of everything that they had learned this year and the Kindergarten buddies shared thank you cards that they made. Then the students had a chance to read some of the wonderful stories that they created over the year.

Math Outdoor Scavenger Hunt!

One of our special treats this week was to participate in an outdoor math scavenger hunt! 3K's mathematicians had a blast finding math all over our playground and field. They practiced their math skills and looked for angles, symmetry, fractions, and patterns and more around our playground.