Three Things I Learned This Year

Learned How To :

I learned how to use Google Chrome

It was an informative unit because I didn't know all that there was to have on Chrome and all of the stuff that it helps you with! I learned how Chrome can save you time and it takes less clicks to get places. It has built in protection so you don't have to worry about virus's getting into your computer and ruining it.

We learned how to use DreamWeaver

This was how to make an internet page and how to format it correctly. We also learned how to make it look nice and add tabs so it would zoom to that part of the page and then back to the top or to the bottom. It was fun to have our personal page posted on the Home site where everyone could see it openly. It also made you see what other people actually liked and ect.

I Learned how to use Excel

We learned how to use Excel to its fullest extent and all of the shortcuts and how to make it look pretty, or professional. It was a learning experience that will help in the long run because you can make everything look professional and like it was well made instead of slopping something down and it not looking good. We learned that it did the equations for you and you didn't have to do any of the hard work it just did it for you.

Where :

Everyday in the Business Room at 10:57 to 11:45. Be prepared to learn and have the time of your life!!! You learn many exciting things that will help you out in the long run whether your realize that right now or not!

Our top instructer : Mrs. Sayers !

Guaranteed to have learned something useful! And be taught the fun way! Better not miss this class!!