Room 17 Newsflash

Written by the first and second grade students in Room 17


The Jellyfish are in our school near the office. The Jellyfish feeders in our class are Leah and Brooke. They feed the jellies every Tuesday. There are three see through jellyfish in the tank. The tank glows different colors. The tank is white outside. Brooke and Leah work very hard to feed the jellyfish plankton.

We did a science experiment with Candy Canes. We put one candy cane in three different cups of water. One was salt water, one was hot water, and one was room temperature water. We all had to observe what happened at 1, 5, 15, and 30 minutes. We all wrote on a piece of paper to tell about what happened to the candy canes. The candy cane in the hot water dissolved really fast. We had to do some science with doing the candy canes. We felt excited and happy because we like to do science experiments.

Written by Aubrey and Bella

Hammonasset and Tide Pool Animals

We went to Hammonasett. We walked over the rocks. We saw a sea gull drop its food on the rocks. It picked up its food and ate the animal in the broken shell. Mrs. Martin pointed this out to us and told us what the sea gull was doing. We have a tank in our classroom. It is full of animals we collected in the tide pool. When we feed mussels and clams to the fish, crabs, and other animals they go crazy. It looks like the fish are playing catch except they are grabbing the mussels and clams out of each others mouths. We have a living bulletin board in our class. Everyone in our class is studying an animal. We made rocks, sand, and seaweed out of paper. Everyone drew colorful animals out of paper and cut them out carefully. We did a beautiful job.

Written by Isannah and Julia

Read Aloud Stories

Uncharted Waters is the book we read after P.E. or recess. We read Uncharted Waters as a story because we want it every day. It is written by Leslie Bulion. Sometimes we read other stories. We think Uncharted Waters is good so far. The book is about a boy named Jonah who is getting in trouble all of the time. He covers his lies with other lies. He meets an old man named Bert and tries to make money. Jaye is Jonah's sister. She is not telling Uncle Nate about Jonah's problems. We are studying the ocean and the book matches what we are studying.

Written by Max and Taylor

We love to read together!


In Readers' Workshop, the kids in Room 17 stretch out words and look for punctuation. We do this so we can stop and sound the words out. Everyone gets different kinds of books. Some books are informational text and some are fictional. Fiction books have key events. Some times we do partner reading. Reading can help you learn new words. If you get stuck on a word, you can skip it and then go back. We sometimes work in book groups. In December, we read gingerbread books with our book groups. Books are good to read, they can teach you things.

Written by Chloe and Ethan


Room 17 had an assembly about Brazil. We shared about the sports, carnival, art, and the

people. In Brazil there is a sport with volleyball and football mixed together called foot volley. Soccer is a famous sport in Brazil. We learned about choreography and dance with Miss Kim. We are happy we learned about Brazil. We learned how to sing the birthday song like people do in Brazil. The Brazilians speak the Portuguese language. We learned that there used to be slaves in Brazil and slaves disguised martial arts as dance. Room 17 learned a lot in the book A-Z Brazil.

Written by Adam and Brooke

Cardboard Challenge

Sometimes we do Cardboard Challenge. We have to make stuff out of cardboard. We had our ideas in our heads and shared them with our group to see if they were good ideas. Cardboard Challenge is when you work hard and check your work. Piper, Aubrey, and Leah are making The Durham Fair. Everyone was making creative things with cardboard details. Everybody is done making their project. Our Cardboard Challenges are in the hallway on the shelf. We love cardboard challenge a lot.

Written by Leah and Piper

Plan Your Work

Sometimes we use Plan Your Work to work on things we did not finish. Sometimes we use Plan Your Work for playing games with people. People get excited when it says, "Plan Your Work" on the schedule. They think we are going to play. We don't know if it is going to be working or playing. We also use Plan Your Work for things that we did not do during the day. Sometimes it is fun work. If we finish, we can play, if we behave well. It feels good because we like to play with our friends and they like to play with us!

Written by Grace and Mary Spenceley

Miss Kim Residency

We did Creature Choreography. Miss Kim taught us dance moves like FAMSS. FAMSS are flexibility, agility, mobility, stability, and strength. We used these to move our bodies. We did different directions, left, right, forwards, and backwards. We got new music every week so we could get going to different beats. Miss Kim taught us how to dance like animals in an artistic way. We chose different tide pool animals to dance like. Miss Kim is a great dancer who is also a great teacher. We learned a lot about dance. We still dance on some days to learn more.

Written by Finn and Aiyana