When i start making money:

Hire a real copyeditor

The one recommended by alex photography

The one in la?

Herve, copyeditor




Go to the zen center regularly




Crystal clear

Crystal focus


Go to a woman/ mentor group regularly

Hire first


Video editor

Va with remote driving my computer and organize that crap

Ask videographer to shoot

Student in la film school

Group from meetup

Student from ucla

Ask kyle assistant jake parpenter

Ask jake if he know someone

Put add in startbuck hollywood

Put add on clist

German mike

I am la team

Ask hair and makeup artist

The one from forever 21

Put add on clist

Somrone from school

Put add in coffee place

Go vaccation australia

Rent appt hotel with a kitchen

Get my jet pass to fly the country

Take a dance class regularly

Maybe theater opera in downtown la

Launch affiliate program

Concierge snd booklet method and cd-- goal 10 000 affiliates

Affiliate snd accounting category?

Raise money from angels and va?

Voice coach public speaking coach


Manage interviews radio ok, tv more srtess, public speaking very stressful

Clarity voice diction

Sales speech convincing/ persuasive


Accent reduction

Hire a pro coach to represent me

...look at meetup groups

Health holistic speaker to represent me

get a dentist work done


- stock market

- buy comdo