immagration Topeka, KS

By Sophie, Sarah, Ashlyn


We are the Potawatomi Indian Tribe.


We are from The Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes region includes Michigan and Indiana. The Great Lakes is in North America.

We settled along a river near Topeka.


The Great Lakes region president was aloud to take our land and that made us lose our land that we bought. That's part of why we left.

The united states became bigger and bigger. We wanted more land.


We found the land to be very different then The Great Lakes region. We found lots of different things in Kansas. We found few forests, few streams, and hardly any fish. That made us lose our diet of fish.


We ended up in Kansas 170 years ago. We were forced onto a small reservation along the Kansas river.


We hunted fish from the rivers of Michigan and Indiana. We also hunted in the forests of Michigan and Indiana. Not all of us made it to Kansas. Some of our tribe fled to Canada. They didn't want the military to force them to move somewhere else. Today the Potawatomi Reservation is smaller than it was when we lived there.

Potawatomi traveling map

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The village of the potawatomi tribe

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potawatomi tribe/family

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