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Mrs. Leidig's Learners - a Weekly Newsletter

A few of the skills we'll be learning this week:

MTSS (Reading Switches): This week, my group will be studying the "er/or/ir" sound and why these are called "r controlled vowels".

Handwriting: This week is all about Dr. Seuss (his birthday is in March) and we will be drawing a random Seuss character card, naming it, and writing about that character. I think the kids will really enjoy all the activities we have planned this week. :)

Daily 5/Guided Reading: Students were tested for book levels last week, as well as progress monitored to see how their words per minute level is progressing. You will see this information on their individual report cards this Wednesday. Students are really starting to read well at this time of year and are becoming more and more independent! This week's er/ir/ur skill can be confusing because all 3 sounds are the same and it's difficult to know which one to use when spelling a word.

Phonics: Sight words - Students are really progressing on their sight words! Some are moving on to phrases and spelling the words aloud.

Nightly books - Don't forget to read nightly! March is the last month for "Book-It", but we will continue to read nightly through the end of the year. Phonics Skill - Our skill this week is words containing "r controlled vowels - er/ir/ur".

Math: We will continue in our weekly math journals, as well as our "calendar math". We're finishing up our shape studies this week, including making 3D shapes out of 2D shapes, and then moving on to looping back to addition and subtraction and making difficult problems easier. Addition timed tests are going great - ask your child which level they're working at!

Science/Social Studies: The focus this week is on Dr. Seuss - we will be learning about his biography, drawing the characters, listening and responding to the books using our new QR code readers on iPADS, and even making some "Seuss Juice"! :)

Odds and Ends

Book Orders: All books that were ordered were sent home on Friday - enjoy! I have talked to a few parents who are planning on sending some of their children's new books to school on Thursday for our 1st Grade "Read Out". :)

Grade Cards: This is the last week of the 3rd quarter, so we'll be working on assessments for report card data this week. Those will probably go home this Wednesday.

A Reason to Celebrate!

Upcoming Event: "1st Grade Read Out" day - This Thursday morning is our "Read Out" day in 1st grade! Students may bring a blanket, pillow, drink (plastic individual bottle with a lid), healthy snacks, and favorite books from home that are clearly labeled with their name so it's returned to the right owner. We're going to take this pretty seriously and try to "read without interruption". Students will also be allowed to take AR tests too since they're more familiar with those now. Let's celebrate these little readers! :)

Spring Break: Spring Break will be March 16-20. Enjoy!!

Have a great week!

LeAnn Leidig

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