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Keeping Elliott teachers in the KNOW!


  • You have to check out the Kinder Queens documentation booklet... it's even bound! It includes pre-printed pages to record data from Writing Flash Drafts, Math CFA's, Process Fluency Pre-Assessments, and Reading CFA's! Seriously... make them show you.
  • Love hearing how grade levels are using data from CFA to guide and change instruction/plans!
  • Fifth grade is using a Google Form to analyze student responses from their reading pre-assessments!
  • Second Grade teachers are pulling specific math intervention groups before school 2 days a week! Two teachers are doing LLI while the other 3 are working with a small group.
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Thank YOU!

You are appreciated more than you know! Thank you for everything you do everyday for our students. It is a joy to spend the majority of my week with such a wonderful and fun staff!

Math Updates

  • Curriculum Update: We are busy working on curriculum for Cluster 3 and will have it posted when it's complete. The planners and CBAs are posted which can be used for backwards planning.
  • Like last year, we will not have a 4th or 5th grade math simulation. Teachers should be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction. 3rd grade CBA 4 is cumulative (lengthy like the STAAR) and will serve as a simulation. The first person to email me and say smile will get one recess duty covered by me. 3rd grade should also be using their CBAs and CFAs to provide targeted instruction throughout the year.

ELAR Curriculum

Curriculum Update

Cluster 5: Ask Questions to Infer is now available in eduphoria forethought. You will notice the following:

  • All cluster planners now have a link to the video. We also have a new format for the videos so you can see the writers and the documents! We hope you enjoy the new format as well as the accessibility of the videos within the cluster planner document.
  • In grades 4 and 5, the cluster planners now include some guidance with "look for" answers for the cluster pre-assessments. The videos for these clusters provide additional detail and guidance. (See samples below.)


We would love to hear examples of how StemScopes is being used in Reading & Writing!


Please remember to register in Eduphoria for the district PDs you will attend! Each grade level should plan to send one representative to each PD.
Be sure to sign up for PD!

Click above to see the calendar.

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