Warwick Weekly

News and Updates from Mrs. Adelman - September 9, 2022

This edition includes:

This edition includes:

  • Important upcoming dates
  • From the Desk of Mrs. Adelman - Warwick Directory information
  • Warwick helpful reminders
  • MTSS information
  • Warwick PTO highlights
  • 1:1 technology fee information
  • Annual student information update - due October 15th
  • Attendance information (How to report an absence)
  • Warwick Bear student code of conduct information
  • Lunch account information
  • Free and reduced lunch information
  • Cub Scout information
  • Young Rembrandts information
  • Link to CBSD welcome back newsletter
  • Community Flyers (grandparent support group and Fab Lab)

Important Dates

Wednesday, September 14th: 6th Grade Camp Adventure Trip

Friday, September 16th: Eagles/Sports Spirit Day; In School Assemblies - Respect

Monday, September 26th: CBSD Closed - No School

From the Desk of Mrs. Adelman

Hello, Warwick Bears!

Thank you for your constant support and well wishes for Mr. Adelman!

In the coming days, we will publishing a Warwick directory. The directory will be password protected. It will included names, contact information, and homeroom teacher. If you would prefer your contact information to not be included in the Warwick directory, please send an e-mail to Mrs. Taggart (ntaggart@cbsd.org), our school secretary, by Wednesday, September 14th. If we do not hear from you, we will assume you would like to be included in the directory.


Mrs. Amy Adelman

Warwick Bear Project

Our goal this year will continue to come together as a community of proud Warwick Bears! You may have noticed that all staff members have created a bear cut out with their picture, name, and grade level that are proudly displayed on classroom doors/offices! We would like to ask that every student create a Warwick Bear to display in the halls. Your child will be coming home with a bear cut out. On the bear cut out we are asking students (or parent helpers) to write the student's name, grade level, and print and glue a picture on to the bear. If you need help with the picture, please e-mail your classroom teacher. When finished, please send the completed Warwick bears back to your homeroom teacher!

Thank you for your help in creating our welcoming school culture!

Warwick Helpful Reminders

  • Car Pickup and Drop-off: Just a friendly reminder ~ if you are dropping your students off or picking them up in the afternoon during arrival and dismissal times to please use our car line system. If you would like to walk your child up to the building, we ask that you please park in an assigned parking spot and use the crosswalk for safety. Please do not enter the front loop between 8:45-9:05AM and 3:45 - 4:05PM. Thank you for your cooperation!
  • Picture Day: Monday, October 3rd. Classes will sign up for times throughout the day.
  • Photo ID: If you are visiting Warwick to be a special classroom visitor or to pick up your child(ren) please don't forget your photo ID. We will use our School Gate Guardian system to print visitor badges.
  • Volunteer Clearances: Do you volunteer frequently at school? Would you like to be a field trip chaperone? If you answered yes to one or both of these questions don't forget to submit your volunteer required paperwork (if you haven't done so previously and/or if your clearances are out of dates). Please visit our HR page on our district's website for more information. Click here!


Parents and Guardians,

Central Bucks School District is committed to ensuring that each child makes significant academic progress. To do this, we have been implementing a research-based process to link academic support with specific student learning needs. This process is known as a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) and provides all students with timely and targeted instruction based upon the results of various assessment tools in reading and mathematics.

The universal assessments provide baseline data that will allow our educators to design and deliver targeted instruction to ensure that your child is learning the appropriate skills at each grade level. These screening assessments are typically administered to all students two or three times per year. Student and grade level scores are reviewed by the MTSS School Team. Using the data, teams identify students or student groups in need of targeted, skill-specific intervention or enrichment. The use of universal assessment tools refines and strengthens our efforts to help all of our students be successful by allowing us to take positive and preventative measures as early as possible.

The universal assessment tools in math and reading are very similar to tools we use every day to help us determine where students might have gaps in knowledge and need assistance. They replace the tools we have used in previous years such as the Developmental Reading Assessment (or DRA), the Leveled Reading Assessment (or LRA), and the CB Math Screening Assessment.

The Star Assessments by Renaissance, which were adopted by the district last year, are completed by students electronically in class. More information for parents is available on the Renaissance website at Parent's Guide - Star Assessments | Renaissance. The Star Assessments are simply one tool amongst many that Central Bucks uses to help determine and deliver timely, targeted instruction for our students. As in the past with our prior assessments, you will be notified if your child is in need of intervention or enrichment supports.

Thank you for your willingness to assist us in building a system of student supports that is linked directly to data. This will ensure that each of our students has the opportunity to receive the assistance they need to achieve academic success. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.


Mrs. Adelman

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Warwick PTO

Spirit Wear Sale: Please click to order spirit wear!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Friday, September 9th ~ 6PM ~ Welcome Back Popsicles on the Playground. Join us for popsicles on the playground to kick-off the 2022-2023 school year!

1:1 Devices

For students entering grades 3, 4, 5, and 6 if you have not done so already, please visit MyPaymentsPlus to pay the 2022-23 device fee.

Students in Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade do not have to pay a device fee. Students will have 1:1 iPads to use at school during the instructional day.

· Read more about the district’s one to one effort at www.cbsd.org/1to1.

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  • Parents and guardians submit absence requests via the Parent Portal. Parents can request a full day absence, early dismissal, or late arrival.
  • Absence requests will be reviewed by school attendance staff and approved or denied.
  • Requests made using the parent portal will also serve as the excuse for the absence. Parents will not be required to submit an excuse either electronic or written.
  • Parents and guardians can also still call the school to report an absence, but emails will no longer be accepted.

In addition, when a student is absent from school, but the school did not receive communication from the parent or guardian, the following communication will be sent:

  • A text message will be sent midmorning notifying the parent or guardian of the absence
  • An email will also be sent at the end of the school day reminding the parent or guardian that the student was marked absent.
  • Information regarding how to use the Parent Portal to report an absence can be found here.

Warwick Bear Pledge and Student Code of Conduct

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Our goal at Warwick is to provide all students with a safe and respectful learning environment. In order to support that goal, we use positive reinforcement to recognize students who are following the Warwick Bear Pledge and our Warwick Themes - Respect, Responsibility, Cooperation, and Excellence. Students have the opportunity to earn Power Paws by demonstrating one or more of our Warwick Themes and student Power Paw selections are read each Friday!

We also have a consequence system, Warwick Behavior Notices and Conduct Reports, for students who make choices not consistent with the Warwick Bear Pledge. Behavior Notices will be used as a warning system and an opportunity for student reflection. After two behavior notices, a student will receive a conduct report for the next offense. Additionally, conduct reports can be used if the behavior warrants.

The consequences for receiving a conduct report are:

1st time: Referral to the office and discussion of behavior with Mrs. Adelman. Phone call home from the office.

2nd time: Loss of privilege AND parent meeting with Mrs. Adelman

At the meeting we will discuss an individualize plan.

We recognize that all students make mistakes, and we want them to learn from those mistakes. We use these opportunities to discuss your child’s behavior with them and create a goal for the future.

We appreciate your understanding and support!

News and Updates from Aramark

To view or add money to your student’s account please visit MySchoolBucks. To apply for free or reduced-price school meals please fill out the School Lunch Application

If you’d like more information, please call our office 267-893-5752.


Matthew Taglieber General Manager
Food Service Director

Aramark Student Nutrition

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Free and Reduced Lunch Program Eligibility

Students who qualify for the Free and Reduced School Meals Program may also qualify for a variety of needs-based assistance based on their program eligibility. Federal law requires the family’s consent before Central Bucks School District can use or share eligibility status for purposes other than the provision of free or reduced lunch. This information will only be shared if you consent to help provide needs-based assistance to your student that may be beneficial to your family. Your decision to share or not share this information will not in any way affect your eligibility status for the Free and Reduced School Meals Program; it is completely optional.

If your student(s) qualifies for the Free and Reduced School Meals Program, you will receive a notification of a document that needs your attention in the Parent Portal. The document requests permission to use the eligibility status to qualify for various needs-based assistance and programming. You may consent for all areas listed below, decline consent to all areas, or provide partial consent.

Click here to apply for free and reduce lunch.

Click here to apply for free and reduced lunch eligibility programs.

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