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What are the challenges with living in Honduras?

Learning the language

Low income

Poor living conditions

(Laing 1).

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Should the Peace Corps be in Honduras?

Yes and no.

The Pros:

  • Honduras has a lot of poverty and live poorly, so the Peace Corps could help

The Cons:

  • There is all sorts of violence such as drug trafficking and crime (Agren 1).


Declared independence from Spain in 1821

U.S marines occupied Honduras due to political unrest in the early 1900s (Infoplease 1).

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Pinchos Americanos

Honduras Living

  • Not all houses have bathrooms inside and running water
  • Most bathrooms don't have soap, toilet paper, running water
  • One or two room huts with dirt floors
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The government:

The government of Honduras is a democratic constitutional republic.

Honduras is also known as the Republic of Honduras.

(IndexMundi 1).

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Honduras National Anthem