6th Grade: facts to survive

do your best and you will succeed.

Welcome were your life really begins

You are about to start your life because it starts here. Everything you were told and taught was just training for the real deal. You will have test and obstacles but their is a lighter side.

All the teachers help you and support you but do not always follow through with your plans. But they care for you and want you to pass so don't make them your enemy's ... make them your friends show that you care and give your best. Always be ready. Make sure you have everything done.

Behave any where you are

Hallway Manners Always - How To Behave in School Hallways Every Day - GMS Greenwood Middle School

They expect from you so show them what your made of.

When shoved ignore it and if it really bothers you just tell an adult don't try fighting back.

Believe me you will want to behave unless you want in trouble.

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