Day and Night

Reece Shields 8-3

Movie Moment

Exposition, because it shows that they are jealous of each other.


Person vs. Person

Day and Night are jealous of each other.


Characters: Day: Happy and jealous of Night. Night: Sleepy and jealous of Day.

Setting: Various places between country and the city.

Rising Action

Event 1: Day wakes up and finds Night asleep.

Event 2: Day and Night start showing off what they have.

Event 3: Day and Night start fighting because they are jealous of each other.


Day and Night realize when the person is talking on the radio that they are at the same time of day.

Falling Action

Event 1: Day gets to experience Night.

Event 2: Night gets to experience Day.


Day and Night become friends and aren't jealous of each other anymore.