The Three Musketeers

The Battle of The Cardinal. By Clay Herron

First Incounter with the cardinals guards.

After attempting to duel each other, the musketeers, were caught by the cardinals guards and were about to be arrested. (Dueling is against the laws). Instead of getting arrested the put there anger towards each other aside and fought off the guards. The young not yet musketeer D' Artanian proved his usefulness in battle and made Arimis and Porthos forget about dueling him, which would of ended D' Artanians life.

D' Artanian makes it into the musketeers

Joining forces

After D' Artanians heroic swordsmanship he was able to talk to the head musketeer Monsieur de Treville who is an old friend of his father. Before D' Artanian can become a musketeer he must do several tasks to prove his loyalty.

About the Musketeers

The Musketeers are a group of highly skilled swords men who are sworn to protect the king and all of the royal family. Not just anyone can gone this group. You must be willing to give your life to the royal family, you must be loyal, a skilled swordsman, disciplined, and be like by the other musketeers

Service to the Queen

After saving the Queens madden D'artangan is sent to find the Queens missing diamond that is in England. If she doesn't get the diamond back then She will be Ruined by the Cardinal.
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The new beginning.

After his loyalty to the queen he is made an official Musketeer by the cardinal. He is shoked to receive this offer ands offers it to his friends but they don't want it because they want to pursue different lifestyles.