Digital Signage Solution made easy!

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Reach out to your customers with media that moves.

• Generate Advertising Revenue
• Target Mass Audiences
• Daily Message Reminders
• Maximise Brand Awareness
• Build Customer Loyalty
• Increase Sales
• Promote Products & Events
• Multilingual Messaging

• Reduced Print Costs

Why use our digital signage?

Realtime, user friendly digital signage capable of displaying messages, information, advertising, menuboards, product videos, pictures plus much, much more.

​Communicate with your customers using our digital signage and messaging service tailored entirely to meet your customer and business requirements.

​Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space to businesses, brands and third-party organizations to recoup your investment.

Spark your customers' interest and maximize your marketing reach while you reap the rewards.

Communicate you message using enaging and dynamic onscreen digital marketing.

Simple to install, setup and use. It's got to be one of the best dedicated digital signage systems.

Digital signage players from €599 inc. VAT

Our digital signage players are engineered for trouble-free, plug-and-play professional digital signage. A watchdog timer lets the player recover and resume playback from power, network, or other disruptions. The all metal enclosure provides reliable passive cooling and features screw-lock connectors to prevent loose cables. The internal memory slot lets you expand beyond the intregated built-in solid-state local storage.

Enjoy all the benefits of an industrial PC (IPC) without the cost and uncertainty of complex, multi-purpose systems.