Personal Profile

Bibek Bal


After doing the interests quiz, I learned that I am hand-on and information person. I got basically equal results for them. The hands on categories represents people doing hands on activities, enjoy using tools, and finding out how things work. For example, sometimes I take pens apart and putting them back together, and I don't really think about it. Also, I'm overall good at using programs, and troubleshooting, as I just trust my instinct and go through the thing that needs to be done. Lastly, for my personal project, I built a computer, and I made a video. I had to learn how to actually build one, I had to learn how to use the program to edit the video. I did some research for building the computer as it is very important not to mess up. Overall I just went along with it and got help from a friend. When I made the video, I did not look at anything, and made the entire video without looking at tutorials.

I am also an informative person, and they are people who enjoy music or art, doing experiments, or solving puzzles. For example, outside of school, I learn music, and play 2 different instruments. Also if I do not know an answer to a question, I do research about it and get information, until I feel satisfied that I have actually got the answer to the question. I also I love to read, and when I am bored, I just read anything. In school, for example math, I look at the textbook examples and always read them over.

These examples show how I am a hands on and information person.

Personality Types and Traits

After completing the self discovery search quiz, and reading 'the code' sheet, I was able to find out that I am a very well rounded person, as I got basically all equal scores on the first quiz (two 4s and four 5s). Out of all of them, by completing the other quiz, I found out that I was more of a "thinker".

A thinker is someone who likes to solve puzzles, work on their own, observing, learning, and investigating. Most of this is true for me, as I like solving puzzles, and will always give my best effort in trying to solve it, whether it is a math problem or something went wrong with some technology. One thing that does not work as much for me as a thinker, is that I prefer to work together with other people, which would fall under the helper or persuader type.

There are other things from the rest of the personalities as well, from organizer, creator and doer. I like to work with my hands and do some physical work, and when I do music, I am creating many things as the kind of music that I do has a lot of improvisation. I also find it quite easy to manage people and get them to listen to me as well, and carrying out detailed instructions is helpful, as it makes it easier to do tasks for me.

The traits from each of the personalities reach out to me as well. I am analytical and curious (thinker) as I love to learn new things, and I always make sure that I make effective decisions and that I do not be impulsive. I am imaginative (creator) because I get a lot of ideas, and I must think about the different kinds of improvising that I can do in music. I am co-operative and understanding (helper), as I can work well with groups, and I have volunteered at different kinds of parties that are for kids and I can work well with them. I am energetic and ambitious (persuader) because I like to get work done well, and in a group I can get people to do work as well. I am conscientious, as I carefully judge all the options that are available and choose the right one. I am self-reliant in a way (doer), because if I am doing an important task that requires work, I only trust myself to do it correctly, and I do not really let other people do that task.

Overall, these are my personalities and traits, how I am overall well rounded, and how I demonstrate them in real life.

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Personal and Work Values

The values are the different categories that you care much about. After taking the quizzes, I learned that my work values were about status, recognition, power and money.

This makes sense because I want people to see me as a person of high status, and in the future I want to be working in a high position in a company, or own one. Also, all the values go hand in hand with each other. For example, if I was working in a high position in a company, I would get recognition, power, status and money. I also care about having excitement, in my life so that it stays interesting.

For personal values, I value family, spirituality, knowledge, security, and honesty. I love my family and love spending time with them, and they are very important to me. I am very dedicated to my religion, and I practice it to my full extent and I also respect all religions, and the people who follow them. In this way spirituality is very important to me. Also, having knowledge about anything is very important to me, because if you have knowledge, you have the ability to apply that information anywhere in life, whether it's school, home or work. Also, being safe is really important to me. In Canada, we are overall safe, but when I went to India this summer, I saw how some people do not have security, and now I am thankful for the fact that I do have security. Lastly, honesty is really important to me as if I were to work, I would want to feed myself with honest, good money, not money that I got out of cheating.

These are my personal and work values, why they are important to me.


After taking the different multiple intelligence quizzes, I was surprised in a way at the results.

I had taken this test before, and my top most intelligence was bodily kinesthetic, and my second one was visual. That was true because I liked to do physical activities, and use my hands to do projects, and other things. I was visual, because I found it easy to read and analyse graphs, and I used to draw 3-D buildings and shapes for fun. I also liked to fool around with our camera and do some photography whenever I went on a trip with my family.

Now, I realized that I am Logical-Mathematical person, and an Interpersonal person. The logical one was not really a surprise, because I used to do math well before, and I still do and I think logically when making decisions. I apply math in my daily life, first of all in math class, but also when I am for example estimating distances, or looking at the time. I also applied this intelligence in my daily life when I built my computer, and I had to do research about it. I had to do math when adding up prices and looking at graphs and results of benchmarks of the parts.

I was quite surprised when I found out that I was interpersonal. Before, I was not a talking type of person at all, and only talked to close friends, and was not really loud. Now, after I switched schools, and knew nobody, I was forced to talk to people and express myself and communicate with people. Now, I can talk to all people easily, and I can manage them. In a group, I can organize it, and motivate the others to do their jobs well. I also used this intelligence when I went to India, as I met many new people and I had to talk to them. If I was the person I was before, I would not have been able to do that and I would have been shy.

In these ways, I am a logical - mathematical and an interpersonal type of person.

Learning Styles

A learning style is the way that a person learns best, and after doing all of the What's You Learning Style quizzes, I found out I am a kinesthetic learner, so I learn best by doing.

I am also active in my daily life and do many things which relate to being a kinesthetic learner. When I am memorizing something, I usually pace around and move about, and when I am talking, I usually use hand gestures to express my point. If I am trying to spell a word, I write it down to see whether it feels right or not. Also, if I am using something new, I don't really read the instructions, but just go ahead and see how to use it. When I am studying, I usually rewrite my notes so that I can remember them, instead of just reading them. I also enjoy hands- on projects more than a teacher just reading out information.

Learning by doing something has always helped me more than listening to something or looking at a slideshow. Things stick in my head better as I recall when I last used an object, or how the area was like when I went to a place.

This way I am a kinesthetic learner, and learn best by doing.


Skills are the basic things you should be able to do.

I have all the essential skills that are in the Ontario Skills Passport, because for example, I know I can read, write, and look at documents (rubrics) and understand them. I can use computers, because this was made on a computer. I have oral communication because I will be presenting this to our class and communicating with them. I have money math skills and budgeting skills because I had to buy parts for the computer I made for personal project, and create a budget for them. I do measurement and calculation, data analysis and numerical estimation in math class, and when I counting something or looking at graphs. I have job task planning skills and decision making skills because I had to organize when I would buy the parts, and where I would buy them from, and I had to decide which parts I needed based on what was best for me. I have problem solving skills because I have had to fix any problems that may have come up with the computer or with software. I also have finding information skills because I would have to research the information and specification about the parts of a computer. I have transferable skills as well, which would be used in different work places. I have academic skills such as Communication, thinking and learning, as I do all those in school, and also outside of school, when I do music. I have personal management skills such as responsibility and adaptability. I also have a positive attitude and I apply these skills in many situations, whether it is in school, or at home. I can always adapt, for example if there is a change of plans, or I was prepared to do something and instead we are doing something else. I just use what I can around me, be responsible and do the best I can with a positive attitude. I have teamwork skills because I have done many group projects and collaborated with others.

In this way, I use these skills in my daily life, and apply them to different situations.

Ideal Careers and what choices I should make.

Looking at my results, I have chosen 2 careers that would be ideal for me, thought about some things I could look at for my future.

1. Business Person (Entrepreneur, Economist)

One option would be a business person because, as my interests state, I am an hands-on person and informative person, and as a business person, I would get hands- on experience in the business world, and it also involves that I do research and solve puzzles, and make decisions for the company.

Secondly, this also relates to my personality traits, in which I am well-rounded. I would have to be a persuader, to communicate and make deals with other people, an organizer to keep information and the operations structured and organized, a helper to work with clients and understand what their needs are and meet them, a creator to come up with new ideas with my imagination to expand businesses, a thinker to make correct decisions that could build the future of a company, and lastly a doer if I was offering a service of repairing something.

This relates to my values, because I value having status, power, recognition and money. As a CEO for example,I would have all those these things as I would be very high in the company. This also relates to my multiple intelligences, because I would use the logical-mathematical skills when I would be working with the companies money and doing finance. I would be using the interpersonal skill when I would be communicating with clients, or be holding meetings to discuss important topics about the company. Lastly, I would be using the skills everyday, when doing tasks, managing, or looking at numbers for the company. This way, I believe that a career as a business person would be the ideal for me.

2. Computer Specialist

This career could also be ideal for me as I would be doing hands-on work with the computer, or may even be building them. This mainly relates to the doer personality trait, as I would be working with computers, and would be building them according to my hands. It also slightly relates to being a thinker, as I would have to analyze the possibilities of how to fix a computer it it's broken, and I would have to solve the problem. This relates to the knowledge value as well, as I would have to have knowledge of computers to be able to continue in this career.

For multiple intelligences, it relates to the interpersonal intelligence if I were to go to houses and fix computers, or if I was coding I would need to ask about the requirements. This would help with my kinesthetic learning style, as computers are constantly upgrading, and to learn about new technology, I would do hands on learning with the computers to gain the knowledge, and get experience with them.

For skills, it would relate the most to computer use, as this career is all about computers. It also applies to the rest of the essential skills as well, as it is required for each job.

Lastly, I really like using computers and would enjoy this job a lot.


Based on the personal profile and the ideal careers, I would make sure to take business courses and computer courses, so that I can apply the personal profile even more. After high school, I would want to learn more in debt about computers and business, and have the sufficient knowledge that I need to be able to start the ideal careers that relate very well to my personal profile. I would consider volunteering or taking jobs as a minor at first to get experience, then I would go big.