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Weekly Update - July 17, 2019!

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This week's theme is Kings and Queens!

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Commissioner Letter

July 17, 2019

Dear Kings and Queens Rise League Teams,

Thank you to Del Paso Heights and North Sacramento for hosting another great game day for Kings and Queens Rise. This week’s theme is Legacy!

This week we’ll have a great day, with a lot of fun activities hosted by Valley Hi, with a special preview of the new Simmons Community Center. There will be a lot of great activities happening during the day including a game room and the Valley Hi team will present some special awards!

This week, two games will run on the court at one time.

GAME DAY 8 @ Simmons Community Center (25 Massie Court)

Please remember to arrive at least 30 min - 1 hour prior to game time.


10AM: Meadowview vs Oak Park 7th/8th

Marina Vista vs Del Paso Heights 7th/8th

11AM: Meadowview vs. Oak Park 9th/10th

Marina Vista vs Del Paso Heights 9th/10th

12PM: Arden vs Valley Hi 7th/8th

Fruitridge vs Foothill 7th/8th

1PM: Halftime

1:30PM: Arden vs Valley Hi 9th/10th

Fruitridge vs Foothill 9th/10th


1. Please have all coaches and players arrive at least 1 hour prior to their game (with the exception of the 9 AM game, who can arrive 30 min prior).

2. Players and coaches will receive food truck vouchers. Coaches will distribute to players. The food truck will only be available from 11 AM – 2 PM.

3. Activities and a snack bar will be provided by Valley Hi

4. Please have all of your players’ waivers, emergency contacts and medical information on hand!

Again, thank you for your participation in this league so that together we can create safe and healthy opportunities for our youth this summer!

Thank you,

Greg King

Kings and Queens Rise Commissioner

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5th and 6th Grade Friday Night League!

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Build.Black. Scholarships Round Two

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Download the Build.Black. Scholarship at:

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