Chinese Inventions: The Wheelbarrow

By: Maxwell Goff And Jacob Velasquez

  • How the wheelbarrow helped the chinese back when they made it in the year 188 AD. they are basicaly hand proped vehicles.
  • The wheelbarrow was used to help the chinese get around places.
  • How the wheelbarrow helped people it always helped the chinese get there and set a little food stand and sell things.
  • It also helped the chinese learn new advancment for gather clothes and traveling to places.
  • The ancient chinese wheelbarrow was mostly used for carrying supplies if they were merchants trying to sell things.
  • Most of the time the wheelbarrows were part of how they got things around place to place.
  • The chinese also used it for traveling and gathering their family.
  • The times when the chinese had to move were if they were invaded and the wheelbarrow helps you get your items place to place faster and more convenient.
  • The ancient civilization the had started had to start with temples and where they had to live and then came finding food and here comes the wheelbarrow it basicaly helped the chinese because it was convenient and was a portable transportational vehicle.

  • The wheelbarrow was somrthing you could carry your things in or people and as you can see they had to keep it balanced.

  • The wheelbarrow in the picture is the ancient chinese wheelbarrow they used to get people where they need to get and a safe and convenient way to get then around and place to place.