Kids Should Not Have Homework

By Emma Fox

In this smore, this will tell you why kids should not have homework. Agree or disagree? Read to find out why!
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1. Wastes Time

Kids should not have homework because you get to spend more time with family and friends. Also known as wasting time, because on weekdays, if you have homework and you're working on it, then probably one of your friends will come over, knock on your door, and ask if you can come out. What would you say? It would be impossible to say no! You trust your friends and best friends right? But with family, they just ask if you can play games with them and its almost the same thing.

Did you know...

That in 2002, a survey reported that 64% of children between the ages of six and eight have homework on any given day, twice of what the workload was in 1981. In 2008, also preschoolers are bringing schoolwork home.
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2. It's Annoying

Kids should not have homework because it won't be as annoying when your mom, dad or family member (but mostly your mom and dad) texts you and says you have to do homework and your just like "awww" but dont text it. Then your mom or dad texts you a million times saying "are u there?" and you're just confused.

Did you also know...

That in 2012, a German school planned to put the rule "no homework" for students from grades five to nine. Now that you just read that, you'd wish to move to Germany. Considering the test results cited for just 17 year olds, it came as no surprise that nearly 40% of students in the U.S. Department of Education survey said they had no homework at all or didn't do the homework they were given.
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3. Lowers Grades

Kids should not have homework because it lowers grades. So you sit at a desk with a bad pose, also with your homework, and sit there all day until it's half past your bedtime. The next day, you turn in your homework, next thing you notice, the teacher calls you over because you got some of it wrong. The teacher tells you what you got wrong, then you get confused on why or how you got it wrong. When I was in third grade, I never got homework, and I always got As and Bs. Now, as a fifth grader, I get homework everyday except Fridays, and now it changed to As and Cs.

Did you know... AGAIN...

That it was found that 57% of parents thought their kids were given the right amount of homework, 23% thought it was too little, and lastly, 19% thought there was too much homework for their child. Some reasearch also said that at the start of 2013-14 school year, the Fentress County School District in Tennessee told that it would enforce a district wide ban on all graded homework assignments. "Kids are at school 7 or 8 hours a day, that's a full working day and why should thay have to take work home?" says Arizona South professor Etta Kralovec.
What did you think about this smore? Great, meh, or awful? You choose your choice! But just saying, if you choose "awful," you're going to end up looking like the kid at the bottom...
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If you still disagree, the video below will show you a good lesson!
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