Staff Weekly

Published: May 5th

It's Staff Appreciation Week

I have a couple of changes due to my procrastination in purchasing.

MONDAY: Biggby Coffee Bar

TUESDAY: Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast and Cowboy Caviar for snack at lunchtime

WEDNESDAY: Trail Mix and Desserts during lunches

THURSDAY: Chili's Fajitas at lunchtime

FRIDAY: Baked Potato Bar and BBQ from Smokin This and That at lunchtime

Everything will be in the office so we can keep it kept up and replenished.

I believe the PTO has arranged chair massages also. I just can't remember which day.

Big picture

Scavenger Hunt Grading

We will grade your submissions on Monday. Award winner announced this week. Looks like y'all had fun!!

Reporting EOC Data

The purpose of the EOC exams is measure our level of mastery instruction this year. Will it be a little sketchy? Uh...yeah. But it's data that we're going to use to improve.

Any child who has a 0, 0.5, 1, or 1.5--look at the EOC to determine if you can move them up a mastery level. DO NOT USE THE DATA TO MOVE KIDS DOWN. Up only.

Ice Cream Truck Returns May 8th

  • The Ice Cream truck will be back on MAY 8th (the day before testing) with a Chill Out During Testing treat.


This week is 15 minutes: Ask your last-minute questions about testing, with Tia. It's an info session to get everyone on the same page. We will meet in the front lobby at 2:45.

We're for real doing it this week. For real.


Core Meetings 2:45-3:45

  • May 7th: Social Studies: Read pp. 163-200
  • May 8th: Science: Read pp. 201-238
  • May 9th: Math: Read pp. 239-274
  • May 14th: ELA, Sped, and UA: Read pp. 115-162

From these meetings, we will begin developing our Ballyshannon Instruction Handbook.

Read your chapters. Take notes. Be ready to discuss.

Testing Schedule

Big picture

May 9, 10, 13, 14


  • May 13: May rotate (quietly) to periods 2 and 4 during the testing period--may not enter testing area
  • May 14: May rotate (quietly) to periods 1 and 3 during the testing period--may not enter testing area


  • May 14: Traci has a plan.


James and I are trying to be in the cafe every day during 5th.

If you need us during that time, that's where you'll find us.


  • Admin meeting
  • Office staff meeting
  • 8th promo team at 11:45
  • Band Concert at 7
  • Circle in lobby after school
  • Yearbook Club


  • Social Studies Focus Meeting after school
  • Meet with 8th grade team about promotion
  • Agnew summative during 3rd
  • Interviews at 4:30 and 5:30
  • Washington DC meeting at 6pm
  • Writing Club after school


  • Faculty Mindfulness in the AM
  • Ice Cream Truck--WAHOO!!! Chill out during testing
  • Art Club after school
  • Science FOCUS meeting after school
  • Yearbook
  • Tours for new students after school
  • Cheer stunt clinic


  • The most fabulous K-Prep testing--ELA today.
  • Energy Club after school
  • Math FOCUS meeting after school


  • K-Prep Math testing--Bada Bing Bada Boom
  • Photography Club after school


  • 8th Grade Dinner Dance--boat sails at 7
  • Cheer Clinic during day