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Welcome to School Year 2021-22

Great things are underway this year at Vista Charter School where we are...
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*Graphic created by Vista Grad Lili M.

Important Upcoming Dates

This Week at a Glance

9/21 Crew at 8:30 & 1:30

Upcoming Key Dates

10/1 Mid Cycle Credit Recovery Time 9-12:00

10/1 Vista Fall Fest 12:00-3:00

10/4 Cycle 2 Mid Cycle Progress Monitoring Meetings with Crew Leaders

10/22 Cycle 2 End of Cycle Meetings with Crew Leaders

10/25 Cycle 3 Begins

Vista Charter School School Year 21-22 Calendar

Important Info

COVID Protocols to continue for Cycle 2

Based on CDC's most recent guidelines and in order to do everything we can to continue to maintain face-to-face learning this school year, we will apply the following COVID mitigation protocols during Cycle 2.

  • All individuals must sanitize before entering our building.
  • All individuals will be screened before entering our building.
  • Masks will be required for ALL individuals when inside our building.(This prevents us from having to quarantine staff & students).
  • All food distributed to students will be prepackaged.
  • Hand washing and sanitization will be set up outside of each learning space
  • Social Distancing will be encouraged (3 feet recommended)
  • Proper ventilation will be promoted. This means fans will be on in each learning space along with open windows when feasible.
  • Outside gatherings for larger groups will be encouraged when feasible.

Student Attendance Requirements

2x4 Attendance Requirement All Classes:

  • 2x Meet with your crew leader twice a week (once during crew and once individually)
  • x4 Work on your classes four times a week

*This also applies to independent classes, CORE classes, CAP & GADS classes

  • Attend Zoom with Ms. Hauger (Disco) Monday-Thursday & CAP and GADS Tuesday-Thursday, missing no more than twice per cycle, making up any missed time

Sidekick Classes with Mr. Nick or Mr. McKinnon

  • Attend class 4 days a week, actively participating in daily assignments, missing no more than two times per cycle, making up any missed time

Design Classes with Ms. Fields & Mr. Stucki

  • Attend class 4 days a week, actively participating in daily assignments, missing no more than one time per cycle, making up any missed time

**If you are more than 15 minutes late to any class it will be counted as an absence.

Need Help?

Need Help? Not Sure What To Do?

Call the Vista Office. We are standing by to support you or you can call, text or email your crew leader or you can call or text Ms. Kim and she will help you.

Vista Office 970-249-4470

Ms. Kim or call or text 970-209-7959

Vista Enrollment

Have a friend that wants to enroll at Vista?

If you know someone who is 16 + wants to enroll at Vista, they should complete an online enrollment form ASAP and we will reach out to them to continue with enrollment next steps. Spots are already filling up fast so tell your friends to sign up ASAP!

Check out our Outdoor Leadership Foundations Class with Mr. Trigg & Ms. Ali!

Log on to Vista's Zoom Room

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Click on the link below to join Zoom from your phone, tablet or computer.

Support Resources

Crisis Hotline and Crisis Walk-in Clinic

If you need to talk to a mental health professional because you are having a mental health crisis, feeling stressed, anxious or alone during this time, go to the Crisis Walk-in Center or call this Crisis Support line. Both are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Safe to Tell: Report at Concern

Anonymously report anything that concerns or threatens you, your friends, your family or your community.
We are open 24/7, 365 to take reports.

Registration Screener

All students should take the following screener as part of registration. The purpose of this screener is to determine which students may need additional emotional/mental health support and to help connect them to services.

Weekly Progress Reports

Just because we're awesome...